Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday at the Gym - OUCH

I was supposed to have some friends over for dinner on Monday but one was sick and we decided to reschedule for the following week.

So, as going to the gym and losing weight are now my top priority until I can ingrain the proper healthy lifestyle habits, I decided to take the opportunity to work out. I took my ipad thinking I might do the elliptical and maybe some biking as well. Reading is easy on the ipad and I don't think it hinders my workout much, if any.

As I walked past the group exercise room I noticed the class hadn't started yet. I checked the schedule and the class "strength" was just getting ready to start at 5:30. I noticed there was another class starting at 6, so although I just lifted yesterday I thought how bad can a 30 minute class be? And it was being taught by Jessi, whom I've taken classes with before and really like.

So I jump into my first group X class in over a year ( I did a bunch of these before my wedding in June 2010)
After 10 minutes I've had my ass kicked, and since we got started at 5:35 but I'm thinking another 10 minutes we'll be stretching and cooling down and I'll head to the bike. As we neared 6 we showed no signs of slowing down and I remembered that the 6 oclock class is the spin class on Monday's and I was in a hour class.


Okay, I sucked it up, and pushed through, skipping a rep every now and again on the shoulder exercises b/c I honestly couldn't do them my shoulders were on fire (note to self - this means they need more regular work). Honestly from my lack of working out over the past two months until this week I enjoyed the stretching we did during cool down. I plan on doing more stretching, I've always neglected this part of my routine.

So, that was a hell of a success. I'll be doing all cardio tomorrow, and wednesday I hope to control my food choices as I eat out with friends at my favorite wing place. Back in the gym on Thursday, that's for sure. We'll see how the weigh in goes on Friday. I hope that it is lower than last weeks 229.

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  1. Congrats to you for stepping into the unknown!!!! That is awesome!