Saturday, December 31, 2011

Still on the Roller Coaster

Damn you weight gain.
I worked out on my birdhtday. A hard 30 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of lower body.

Then I destroyed the hard work with eating like a pig at the Mexican restaurant that night.

Yesterday I was up 2.6 pounds. I expected some of that to come back off after eating some better yesterday and bike riding for an hour and 20 minutes.

But then sometimes I can't predict how my body will react to workouts like cycling. Often I'll be up for a day and then down the next.

I can tell you that after not riding for five months that 16.5 miles kicked my ass. I ate lunch, showered, watched some tv with Tara and then took a 2.5 hour nap.

Today I was up .2.

Maybe we'll get things turned back in the right direction heading into 2012. If not, at least I still have a few days off work to move the needle.

Close the year out strong! That's the best way to set up a great 2012!

Happy New Years Eve!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

30! Where did the time go?

That's right, today I hit the big 3-0. And to tell you the truth it's hard to believe. I mean where did the time go. I feel like it was just a few years ago that I was graduating high school with all my friends and we were heading our separate ways to make new friends and begin exciting new lives.

I may do a look back at the last 12 years in an upcoming post (and when I say may, that usually means it won't happen). But I can tell you that the last 6 years have been awesome and I'm looking forward to the next 6 or 12 or even 30 (although according to some of my close friends, I probably won't make it that far. After all 30 must be the new 90. Thanks Aliceson!! :-))

I started a new chapter in my life just over six years ago, and although it was a short chapter during the first 6 months I developed friendships that I believe can last a lifetime.

5.5 years ago I met the most amazing person, who I'm not lucky to call my wife. 3 months into that chapter, we were head over heels in love and I had a surgery called UPPP and a tonsillectomy to try and cure sleep apnea so I could ditch my really cool darth vader mask I'd been sleeping with. Along with my parents, who get a huge shoutout in my book of life for being the best possible: parents, role-models, friends (subtract a few ornery teenage years), therapist, cycling partner, business planners, and more. Anyway aside from my parents, Tara came up to winston every day and spent time with me, brought me food, adjusted my pillow if I needed it and did it all with a smile and genuine care. I knew then that if she would have me that she was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We dated for 2 years before getting engaged, were engaged for a year and have been married for just a few days over a year and 6 months. I could sum up this chapter with, Derek meets Tara and lives happily ever after. But then, my book would be really short, but who doesn't like a short story with a happy ending?

I also would be amiss not to mention that not only is Tara an awesome person to have in my life, that her family is incredibly awesome as well. I know everyone has heard of the "in-law horror stories", because I've heard my fair share of them, but I'm so thankful that I don't have any to tell. Tara's parents are as awesome as you can get. Marrying into a second great family is an added bonus, and they've always made me feel right at home.

In the time since we've been together we've done so much that it would be impossible to list but as an overview, here are some places we've traveled too:
Charlottesville VA, twice (half marathon & later UVA basketball game)
Orlando, Florida (Disney marathon)
Asheville (great that Jason, her brother lives there)
The Beach, numerous times
Hawaii - one amazing honeymoon

 Chicago - last summer for a photo seminar, we spent the days before and after exploring

Atlanta - a few times
Los Angeles - most recently for a whirlwind, last minute weekend trip to see Dancing with the Stars

Concerts - there have been a ton of those: Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, (see a theme), Rascal Flats, Taylor Swift, and a ton more

Weddings: We've had the pleasure of seeing so many great friends get married

There have been so many other funny, cool, etc moments to list them all. Fun new year's party's, fourth of Julys (some harrowing experiences along with one particular funniest moment of my life post 4th of July), Christmases, Birthdays, and more.

So the last 6 years have blown by in a whirlwind and as the coaster on my desk says: "Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed." I've been a notorious "planner" in the past, something that can sometimes lead you to always be looking ahead, but taking the time to enjoy everything as it happens is, to me anyway, what life is all about.

So, as I grow older, I believe that my birthday wish will be for another great year filled with family, friends, and fun memories. If that happens, then the rest of my book of life is sure to be a best seller!

(if anyone out there is reading this and wants to publish my memories, because you think it will make us both rich, just let me know, I can start today!)

So, that's a tornadic trip through my last 6 years. And now it's onward into the 30's.
I'm going to start by finishing this cup of coffee, and then since I'm off work until next year (woohoo!) I'm going to the gym. And, because I'm old and have things to do after that the post office, dry cleaner and bank. Then I'll spend some time with my amazing wife.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

30/30 Update

Down 2 pounds since the 2 day Christmas feast!

My bike has been at my parents house for a while. My dad rode it a few times when his was in the shop for repairs and I haven't needed it, but I think its time to get back in the saddle. I'll be getting my bike back by next weekend, possibly this weekend.

Do I dare set a goal of one trainer session a week at night and then a ride on the weekends if the weather cooperates? I've got to think about it, but I very well may be laying down the gauntlet for myself starting soon.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thankful for amazing families

I'm sure I've said it on here before but I'm blessed with 2 amazing families. My family has always been there for me and Tara's parents are the best in-laws anyone could ask for.

We had two full days of events on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and we had such a good time.

I love being able to spend time with both sets of parents over Christmas and am so thankful that we have that ability.

Of course we both received wonderful gifts from everyone but the most special part of Christmas for us is getting to spend time with those we love.

I hope everyone had as beautiful of a Christmas as we did.

Monday, December 26, 2011

30 in 30

I've got a birthday coming up here in a few days and it will be my 30th. That seems crazy to me. The speed at which the last 12 years have went by, most notably the last 5 have been insane. I've had an amazing time since meeting Tara, but how has it been five years since we met?

So I am not waiting until the new year, or even my birthday to get started on one of my main goals for 2012.

I will loose 30 pounds by the end of my 30th year. My heaviest weight of the month was 231.2, so by December 29th, 2012, I will weight 201.2 or less.

I hope you'll accompany me on this journey.

I hope to have a full 2012 goals list up soon, but to start with you've got my number 1 goal in writing.

I gained a few pounds over the holidays and look forward to seeing those fall back off.
I took yesterday off from the gym but got back in there for a half an hour today. I took it easy b/c I've been so tired from the bronchitis, but think that I'll be back at 100% here in a few days.

What are your goals in 2012?

Friday, December 23, 2011


Yesterday I got up early again and was getting ready to head to the gym when I walked out of our bedroom and discovered our hot water heater was broken and leaking water everywhere. I got it turned off, called the emergency maintenance number for our apartment, and went to the gym anyway.

Last night was dinner with a friend and I had some amazing sushi. We saw MI:3. It was great to catch up with him but we probably could have skipped the movie and just talked more because the movie wasn't great.

That was Friday in a nut shell.

Slept in this morning (which is rare) and when I weighed today I was down 2 pounds!
Hell yeah!

I know some of it was due to the time I weighed (shut up!) and I'm okay with it, b/c I would have been down some anyway. Take that fat belly! It's game on and you're going to get flat!

Its Christmas eve eve, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday no matter what you're celebrating this year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Success Is...

Success is something different to everyone of us, and can be different every day as well.

Today's success was an early morning workout. I am not a morning work out person. I'm stiff and sore when I wake up and I generally don't like waking up early enough to get in a workout anyway.

But today I knew I couldn't work out after work because I have a photography job from 5-8. So, morning was the only option.

My workout was boosted by the fact that I also lost .8 today. Things are looking good for 2012!

What will your success be today?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ready for that scale!

I ate great today.
I worked out super hard.
I'm ready for that scale in the morning!

Disclaimer - if I gain, I won't be disappointed, I did eat a half a pizza yesterday and drink 4 (delicious) beers, and loose weight today. Plus I know that sometimes after a hard workout I retain water. Just the way it is folks.

However, I haven't been this excited to step on the scale in a long time.

My workout tonight was 30 minutes high intensity cardio and 30 minutes of hard / heavy upper body weights.
Cardio was 15 minutes all out on the elliptical, 10 stair master, 5 running intervals.

Doing some reading and hitting the hay early tonight.

In the right direction

The scales went in the right direction for a few days now. I lost everything I gained from last friday's splurge by yesterday and really expected to gain today.

I had a great breakfast and lunch but knew that I was having beer and pizza while playing poker with friends last night.

However I lost .6 today. That was a nice surprise but we'll see what tomorrow holds.
I was dreading weighing particularly b/c I didn't sleep well. Trixie had me up at 4 and 6:30 with an upset stomach, but she seems to be feeling better.

Yesterday was a fairly easy day on the workout front with 30 minutes elliptical and 5 minutes of stairs.
Tonight should be an ass kicking weight routine.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Keep on keeping on

The scale and I did not have a good morning saturday. I wish I could blame the scale but I ate to much crap on Friday. Sweets in the morning, pizza at lunch, and chick fil a with slaw and fries for dinner.
I was up 1.6 pounds.

I did make it to the gym for 35 minutes of cardio and some weights, so it could have been worse.

Saturday I buckled down and had a solid day of eating and worked out hard.
1 hour on the elliptical machine and 30 minutes of intense weights. A full body kick ass workout.

Sunday morning I've dropped most of the weight that was gained, and as I write this (sunday night) I've had another solid day of eating and another hour on the elliptical trainer.

Its been a pretty great weekend with not a lot on the agenda, time to work out, time with Tara and time to do a little cleaning.

I'm looking forward to the coming week and of course spending time with my family on Christmas.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's Weekly Weigh-In

Good, Bad & Ugly

The good is that I've worked out every day this week. And I've had some great workouts

The Bad is that I gained .8

The Ugly - see above

I did eat one bad meal, and lost .2 the next day. I know that my body reacts to working out by retaining water sometimes. I'm thinking that happens less as it gets used to working out but that will be figured out as we move forward and continue working out and eating better.

Make that two bad meals. Today for lunch it was our staff holiday outing. I had four pieces of sliced bread with olive oil and 2 slices of pizza. I was stuffed when we left.

But I did get a great 45 minute workout in tonight after the hour and a half yesterday.

I'm so close to turning a corner with these workouts and starting to loose some weight i can feel it. I think that I will probably need to track calories and that's a pain in the ass, but not as big of a pain as being overweight.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1st run in a month

I just did my first run in over a month. Seriously I haven't ran since the half marathon.
Didn't realize it'd been so long but i've been focused on other cario at the gym, for one b/c running is hard as hell, but for two (whatever, just go with it) it gets dark to damn early.

I wasn't planning on exercising tonight b/c I'm headed out in a bit to have dinner with my old crew in Winston, the VGP. Don't ask, its just us.

So I had a little time but not enough to make it to the gym. So I grabbed a flashlight in case I ran out of dusk, and headed out the door. The temperature was good and I didn't need the light.

2 miles in the books.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday at the Gym - OUCH

I was supposed to have some friends over for dinner on Monday but one was sick and we decided to reschedule for the following week.

So, as going to the gym and losing weight are now my top priority until I can ingrain the proper healthy lifestyle habits, I decided to take the opportunity to work out. I took my ipad thinking I might do the elliptical and maybe some biking as well. Reading is easy on the ipad and I don't think it hinders my workout much, if any.

As I walked past the group exercise room I noticed the class hadn't started yet. I checked the schedule and the class "strength" was just getting ready to start at 5:30. I noticed there was another class starting at 6, so although I just lifted yesterday I thought how bad can a 30 minute class be? And it was being taught by Jessi, whom I've taken classes with before and really like.

So I jump into my first group X class in over a year ( I did a bunch of these before my wedding in June 2010)
After 10 minutes I've had my ass kicked, and since we got started at 5:35 but I'm thinking another 10 minutes we'll be stretching and cooling down and I'll head to the bike. As we neared 6 we showed no signs of slowing down and I remembered that the 6 oclock class is the spin class on Monday's and I was in a hour class.


Okay, I sucked it up, and pushed through, skipping a rep every now and again on the shoulder exercises b/c I honestly couldn't do them my shoulders were on fire (note to self - this means they need more regular work). Honestly from my lack of working out over the past two months until this week I enjoyed the stretching we did during cool down. I plan on doing more stretching, I've always neglected this part of my routine.

So, that was a hell of a success. I'll be doing all cardio tomorrow, and wednesday I hope to control my food choices as I eat out with friends at my favorite wing place. Back in the gym on Thursday, that's for sure. We'll see how the weigh in goes on Friday. I hope that it is lower than last weeks 229.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Shut the Fuck Up! - Yelling at myself

I'll explain the title in just a minute, bear with me.

If you haven't seen the movie Friends with Benefits, I highly recommend it. It is so funny.
There is one part where Woody Harelson, playing a hilarious gay man tells Justin Timberlake about his guidebook to life.

"Hey, everybody wants a short cut in life. My guide book is very simple.
You wanna lose weight? Stop eating, fatty!
You wanna make money? Work your ass off, lazy! You wanna be happy?
Find someone you like and never let them go."

That really kind of resonates doesn't it?

So let me ask this, mostly rhetorical question, because I'm 99% sure I know the answer.
Do you talk to yourself? Not out loud but the internal talk that I'm sure we all have. Sometimes positive, too often negative? Or just asking questions, when you're trying to figure things out?

If not, then I'm proclaiming you the crazy one and not me, because well this is my blog.

I'll lay this out there: I'm unhappy that I've gained 10 pounds in the past 2.5 months. Who does that???
So as I try to figure out what to do, I make one great decision. I took my ass back to the gym.

They gym is the place where I have moments of clarity. I wish I could tell you that I go to a park and meditate in all of natures beauty and that's where I find my inner peace, my clairty, but it's not. I find clarity with my trusty ipod nano, generation 2, black, that I've had with me since Christmas of 2006. I bought myself a Christmas present that year and it has been one of the best presents ever. It has been with me through 50 pounds of weight loss, then 20 pound gains, 30 pound loses, more gains and by got it will be on my hip during this next stand as I loose weight and keep it off. I love that ipod. Its dependable, predictable, and most of all fills my ears with my music. Hard rock, rap, country, gym music, Christmas music etc. So do I find clarity watching the sunset, yes sometimes when I have a camera or a loved one, but not the inner clarity that I find with loud music pumping through my ears and moving my whole body as I do ANY exercise but especially lifting weights.

I was bench pressing sunday, thinking about should I watch calories, or carbs? What is it going to take for me to get serious and loose weight? Will I be able to keep it off? I finished my set, sat up and as Jay - Z says on the black album, I thank god for granting me this moment of clarity. My inner voice got pissed off and promptly told me to shut the fuck up. Quit being wishy washy, losing weight isn't rocket science, quit freaking thinking about doing it or talking about doing it and take Woody's advice, stop eating fatty! (note - i know that doesn't mean STOP eating but eat correctly and proper portions, no lectures on eating disorders please).

And do you want to know what I did? In my internal conversation, I said okay. Done. Thank you.

Now usually I don't take kindly to being yelled at, but since I was yelling at me, (yes I hear the voices in my head, get over it) there wasn't much to do other than deny, make excuses and be unhappy or take the advice and make it happen.

I worked out several days last week and am so happy that I found my moment of clarity.