Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

I was supposed to post this on Friday because fellow blogger and I Ben, have decided to try to motivate each other in our weight loss journey.

Friday's weight was 223.6. It makes me shudder to really through that out there because I can't stand being over 220. I don't remember what I weighed last Friday but I think around the beginning of the week I was 223.8, but I can't confirm that. I did go over 225 mid week and battled back.

However, this was an unsuccessful week. My goal is to loose at least 1 pound per week. That isn't an unrealistic goal, so I know I'm not setting myself up for failure with it, so I need to get down to business and make it happen.

I'm having a great but busy weekend and can't write anymore b/c I need to head out the door for a group meeting for school.

Have a happy Sunday!

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