Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy Month and Back to Running

Its been a while since I've blogged anything so I may try a quick recap here and then expand in future posts.
September was busy, fun, and amazing.

The beginning of the month brought Labor Day weekend in which we had dinner with our close friends and a family picnic the next day.

Weekend 3 was the Bike MS: Tour to Tanglewood in which I worked the entire weekend. Along with shooting a beautiful wedding.

Weekend 4 - an impromptu trip to Los Angeles to see Dancing with the Stars live. (this is the part I should expand on in a later post)

Weekend 5 - into October with a trip to Asheville, NC for Tara's brothers wedding. We were both in the wedding and we had a great time.

 Me and my beautiful wife in front of the gorgeous car the bride rode up in. 

So, you might remember I'm running a half marathon on November 12th. And by the lack of posting you can probably figure out that I havne't been running, or if you couldn't you know now. I only ran 4 times the entire month of September. I got sick, and then I got BUSY!

So this week was the time to get back on it. I've still been trying to catch up on everything so Monday night was class, Tuesday I just went to the gym and reacquainted myself with the elliptical, and Wednesday night was all business for .

Last night was the night to run and with perfect weather what a run it was. In the morning I thought I'd probably run 2 miles after work but during the day I was feeling so good that I decided to jump back in with a 4 mile run. Ambitious, yes, completed, YES! I didn't time myself, but I'm sure it wasn't fast, but I don't care. I had a great run, and feel very confident about the remaining training time to get in 3 runs a week and just to enjoy myself at the Thunder Road Half Marathon!

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