Friday, September 2, 2011

Bring on the weekend!

Monday - nothing remarkable happened. I did pick up The Carter IV and its not a bad album but I'm not in love with it at this point. I really wish my marketing class was better. I'm learning from the book but the class seems to be a gigantic waste of time. I really love marketing and actually ordered a few books on it recently to keep plugging along with the marketing for Ardeur Photography. The best part of Monday was the post marketing class beers that is quickly becoming a tradition for Fabish, Gumar, Throckmorton and myself.

Tuesday - I thought about heading to the grasshoppers season finale but instead opted for an unscheduled evening. I ran 4.25 miles and Gonna Fly Now from the Rocky movies was one of the last songs I heard. I remembered back to playing that with the Brass Ensemble at UNCG and contacted the music library via an online chat feature and they had the CD. I drove over to UNCG and made a copy of that and a friends senior trumpet recital. Cool being able to reminiscence and listen to some stuff like that sometimes. Also picked up Jay-Z and Kayne's new album that night. At this point Watch the Throne is better than The Carter 4 to me. If you haven't figured out I have a super eclectic taste in music. Classical, Jazz, Rap, Pop, Rock, Country, you name it I probably like it. (sorry Metal fans, I just can't do that)

Wednesday -2 mile run and weights. Nothing exciting to report.

Thursday - Caught up with a good friend and former intern at lunch. Left work early and went to Virginia to see my cousin Samantha play volleyball. It was fun getting to see her and even better that I got to hang out with a lot of other family members during her game. Her mom was there (and explained quite a bit of what was going on to me!) and another cousin and her kids who I adore were in from Iowa. I knew they'd be in town for our family Labor Day cookout but didn't know they'd be there last night. I hope to get to see all of my cousin's sporting events more often and am making an effort to pencil some dates into my calendar for that.

I have to check the training plan but its either a 4 or 5 mile run this weekend and I'll probably do another 2 this afternoon. I don't know if I'll go to the gym or just run and take it easy the rest of the afternoon. I've got some tv shows recorded I want to watch and need to clean up the house a little bit.

Its gonna be a great weekend with dinner at the Melting Pot with friends tomorrow night and a great cookout on Sunday. Top that off with Monday off and all of a sudden you have a nearly perfect weekend recipe.

Have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend & Run Happy!

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