Thursday, September 8, 2011

August Mileage Totals & Training Plan Decisions

I finished August with over 36 miles in my legs. That's the most miles I've run in a very long time. I need to look back and see what my highest ever month was.

The weeks broke down like this: (note the last week had a few september days in it is why the weekly totals don't match the month)

1 - 1.8
2 - 11.83
3 - 6.65
4 - 10.2
5 - 10.85

I've printed out 2 different plans from Runners World Smart Coach and I think I'm going to have to fuse them together. One is for goal running 11-16 miles a week and one is for like 6-9 miles a week. I'd prefer the one with more running, but honestly think that's biting off more than I can chew at this point. So that might be a good plan for me for a spring half with continued training through the winter but I don't want to put to much strain on my feet/legs/mental fortitude to start with. That's got to be my best strategy because I've often bitten off more than I can chew and the fall has some very busy weekends in it. I don't want to be feeling bad for missing runs. I'll show you what I come up with here soon.

Run Happy!

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