Monday, August 29, 2011

Week in Review

Monday - If you didn't read the MBA decision post you should. That being said, class started Monday night and I was actually really looking forward to it because it was Marketing, and thats something I really enjoy.
The book for the class is pretty good except for the fact that the chapters are 30 pages. But we get to class and the professor is of a different nationality, and this is an all new experience for me. His English is fine but there are some very hard stops in his sentences, and not just at the end of them. It makes it pretty hard to follow along with, or it did last week anyway. Hopefully things will get easier. Otherwise I didn't really like his teaching style so as strange as it sounds I'm looking forward to the reading but not to the classes. Going to class is only 7.5% of our grade so I might have to skip out early some, who knows. We have 3 exams, no final, a group case and a group project that make up for the majority of our grade and we have a really strong 8 person group so I don't imagine that we'll have any problems with the group work.

Tuesday - I ate lunch at my desk so I could leave early and get home. I needed to get home early so I'd have time to run a few miles before I took off to Winston Salem for the VGP Fantasy Draft. It was the original three VGP members drafting, eating pizza and talking a little smack to each other. I always have such a good time with these guys but we don't hang out nearly enough. Hopefully we can get a sunday morning tee time lined up for September.

Wednesday- I finished a great book by Austin Carty. His blog is here and there is information on his book on his blog. I strongly encourage you to at least swing by his blog, but to consider getting the book. It was amazing. I've given my copy to my mom to read but think I'm going to pick up another copy to start rereading. Its a collection of stories that are so well written you won't want to put it down. I will be doing a more in depth review of the book and it's affect on me in the future.

After finishing that book I went for a run. 3.1 miles, the longest run I've had outside to this point. It went great for 2.5 miles and the last .6 was pretty tough, my legs were ready to be done.

Thursday - We had the VIBE party for Bike MS. VIBE's are people who commit to raising over $1000 and turning it in at least 3 weeks before the Bike MS Tour to Tanglewood. I helped load the truck and then was in charge of setting everything up for the Prize section at the party. As per the usual I am a whirling dervish of clean up and packing up when its time to go which if you ask my co-workes they'd probably tell you thats my most valuable asset. I had the truck packed and loaded with the help of two other volunteers in 10 minutes after the party was over so I could get home. I took my Carabbas home and it was great to be able to chill after a hot sweaty night with good food and Burn Notice and Suits (which is my favorite new show of the year)

Weekend: Friday - worked half day and went home to Pilot Mountain to spend time with my parents. I stayed up there to Saturday to do photos for Hill Events at the Tour de Gaps. Afterwards another fantasy football draft in Auction format (really, try it out, its cool) and then home. Ran 3.1 Saturday and 2 more Sunday morning before my Brother in Laws wedding shower. His wedding is like 5 weeks away. Wow, thats so close!

Total Miles: 10.2

I probably should do more posting in the week so I don't have a novel on Monday's, huh?


  1. I've always loved having teachers with new perspectives. I hope you enjoy the class!