Monday, August 15, 2011


Wow, its really been since June since I had anything to say on my blog?
I guess to better state it, its been since June since I've taken the initiative (I really need to learn to spell that work correctly on the first try, I have never done it) to write anything.

So my summer has been amazing, and I wish that it wasn't coming to a close. I rather like the fact that Tara gets the summers off so if I run home for lunch I get to see her.

We had a great trip to Chicago in late June / early July. I attended a workshop by Master photographer Jerry Ghionis ( and it was life and business changing. Tara and I had some time to explore Chicago as well and we really loved it there.

We saw a Cubs game on the Sunday we left, drove to Louisville and spent the night. We stayed in Louisville so we could go to the Louisville Slugger Museum on monday before finishing our trip home. The whole trip was great.

I've got some crazy big plans that I have to start saving right now for.
Summer 2012 - Honeymoon part III - in LA
Summer 2013 - Honeymoon part IV - in Europe
Summer 2014 - Honeymoon part V - tropical adventure - Cabo, Hawaii again, who knows.

And then, we might start talking the crazy scary B word.

In other awesome news I've re-branded my photography company to Ardéur Photography and couldn't be more excited about that.

Tara got into graduate school and will be starting, one week from today. I'm so happy for her and proud of her. She's such a great teacher I know she'll do great at this as well.

I'm trying to figure out what path I want to take with my MBA. I will be meeting with my adviser in 2 weeks to discuss getting an early extension granted so I can take one class at a time to finish the degree. We'll see if that's possible. I can't do a full time job, run a full time photography business and go to school full time. One class at a time will work much better for me.

There's a start to the updates. Next post I'll talk about getting back started running and how I'm enjoying it. I think I've finally turned a corner with having fun on the run.

Lastly, this blog needs a new title. I'm open for suggestions so please let me know what you think.

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  1. Wow, you have had a great summer! Good luck with all your wonderful life adventures.