Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One day I just started running

So I'd been working out on again off again since February when I was doing pretty good.
March & April pretty much killed the workouts with the two hardest classes I've ever taken simultaneously.
May rolled around and I think I was recovering from burnout, the mental and physical kind that comes from hard work and a good amount of stress.
June - now we're talking, I decide to get back on the bike. May have even written a post on this blog about being back in the saddle again. Except, while I was enjoying riding by myself and slower I went all in and tried to latch back onto the group I used to ride with. I rode with them two tuesday's and a row and it was obvious that they'd been riding all year and I was coming back after a year off the bike. To say I ate their dust the whole ride would be an understatement. I busted my ass and clawed back on to the group until about 15 miles in to each ride, at which point they would stop at the turns (this is customary for this ride, not just for my slow ass) and I would pull up as soon as I could.

So, then the Chicago trip happened and I actually worked out in the gym 3 days during that trip plus the ton of walking didn't hurt anything, but I did eat to much. Damn you amazing Chicago food.

So I get back to NC and have to start working out again.

Did I want to bike, nope, it was HOT, over 95 almost every afternoon, and I didn't want to ride in that HURT LOCKER. Did I want to run, nope, looks like my interest in running had returned to a dislike.
Overtime starting in 2007 my thoughts on running have went like this
hate, dislike, sort of like, enjoy, dislike, dislike, hate, dislike, start to like, enjoy, stop running, dislike

To tell you the truth I wasn't really interested in any workouts, I just wanted to work on my business at first but found a weight routine in a magazine that I thought was hard but obtainable, so I went. 30 minutes on the elliptical and roughly 30 minutes of a full body weight routine. I did that for about 4 weeks, maybe 5.

My shoes were getting pretty worn out so I went to the great local running store and started from scratch and got some new shoes.

Then 2 weeks ago, I hopped on the treadmill to run five minutes, but I was close to half a mile so I decided to finish the half of a mile. Two days later I decided to run again and the first minute went fast, then I didn't think the next 30 second's would ever go by, so I covered the display with my towel and ran for 4 songs. Figuring at a 3 minute average I'd do a mile, but it actually averaged about 4 minutes so I ran for 17 minutes and close to a mile and a half I guess.

Stay tuned for what happens next...

(really, no one with any suggestions on a blog name?)

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