Friday, August 19, 2011

Hold on, do I REALLY like running?

Last Monday I ran 5.5 songs, 2 miles. It wasn't too bad.
Tuesday I ran 2 miles.Again, not too bad, the songs were shorter so when I uncovered the display I still have a quarter mile to go.
Friday I ran 2.25 miles. Felt good, weights went well too.
Saturday I ran for a total of 37:30 minutes and it was 3.58 miles. Thanks to Tara for wanting to stay an extra ten minutes I had my longest run of the year. I'm not sure but I think I'm beginning to like running again.
Sunday I was napping when Tara got ready to go the the gym, but later in the afternoon I went outside and ran 2 miles. Almost decided out there to run another mile, glad I didn't though, my calves and right achilles were sore by the end.
Last Week = 11.83 Miles

You know what happens when I start to enjoy running don't you? I start tinkering with the idea or running a race. Stay tuned to see what type of decision I might make. (NOTE - it will NOT be a full marathon if I decide anything)


  1. It really does seem like you might be turning to the dark side...I will definitely stay tuned!

  2. My vote is still for the race here. I'll even provide the link: