Sunday, August 21, 2011


 What a boring blog post title. I went to to look for something better, but didn't find anything worth using.

Last week was a very busy one and I’ve wasn't able to make make it to the gym as much as I'd like.
At this writing (Friday morning) I've only been once, on Monday, but it was a solid workout. I did my 5 minute warmup on the stairclimber and then ran 3 miles in 34 minutes. A good weight routine afterwards and I was beat.

Tuesday I was all over the darn place, I didn't stop moving until 9. Work was crazy busy, I went by The Wedding Galleria to drop off stuff, by Songbirds to pick up a dress for my model, went and visited a Congressman's office on behalf of the National MS Society with a group, then back to work. When I got off work it was off to meet the model and give her the dress, back to Bella to set up my new display (picture coming soon) with my fabulous parents help, and then head downtown to meet our model and do our walking Bridal themed photo shoot (pictures for that coming soon as well). We wrapped up around 8:30 and headed home. I was going to cook for everyone but was just too exhausted so we picked up Japanese and we all ate around 9. Tara had her grad school orientation that night and starts classes next week as well.

Wednesday was a good busy day. Meeting, then lunch with Barbra, work, a 2 hour coffee break with one of my great friends Allan, and then I worked until 7 since I'd snuck off for a few hours during the work day. Since it was actually closer to 7:30 when I got home I didn't go to the gym then either. Tara had to run a few errands so I didn't cook fur us until after 8:45, but while she was gone I unplugged for a while and read 3 magazines.

Thursday- busy, the theme right. Work has been a beast but thankfully I had half a day off. To update my contract at bella, pick up and return the borrowed wedding dress and then a great bridal portrait shoot at the Loft at Union Square. Becca was beautiful and I can't wait for Brain to see her on September 17th!

Friday - finally slowing down. Whew - Heading to the gym tonight, probably only running 2 miles and weights.

This weekend I have a training ride to work on Saturday and some R&R time that evening.

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