Tuesday, August 30, 2011

13.1 Streak will continue!

My dad and I are lacing back up and heading to Charlotte in November for the Thunder Road Half Marathon. We have run at least a half marathon every year since 2008. I actually thought that we'd run another half in 2009 but I can't seem to figure out if thats true or not. Regardless, there was 13.1 miles covered in that Disney Marathon(updated - we had signed up for and planned on doing Rock and Roll VA Beach in 2009 but didn't train and weren't ready for it in 09 so we didn't go), and I didn't start to really enjoy running after the Charlottesville Half until late in the year in 2009, we had fun at the Victory Junction 5 miles and ran 2 good Halfs early in 2010. Injuries for dad and wedding activities for me limited the running after that but we still finished Rock and Roll VA Beach 2010.

I usually just use runners world's free training plan. I'm going to look at those today and pick one, it won't be one with crazy high mileage or anything but I'm really looking forward to it.

My Goals for Thunder Road are as follows:
1. Have Fun
2. Finish
3. Show up for it weighing 208 or below. After some more weight fluctuation over the weekend I was down 1.2 pounds today to 218.6. (side note, maybe I should have a few beers every night, it seems that's the key to weight loss, haha)

We started running distance events in 2008.
Charlottesville Half Marathon - 2008
Under Armor Baltimore Marathon
Victory Junction Half Marathon

Disney Marathon
Lots and Lots of Biking
Victory Junction 5 Mile

ING Atlanta Half Marathon - PR 2:23
Flying Pirate Half Marathon
Virginia Beach Half Marathon

Thunder Road Half Marathon

Now that I'm enjoying running I'm going to try to keep this streak alive as long as possible. Suggestions for 2012 Races?


  1. Glad to see you are in! I'll have to register later today.

  2. When I was first reading the post I thought one of your goals was "Show up". And I thought- hey, that's a great goal! Showing up weighing less is good too, but showing up? Also great :)