Monday, June 6, 2011

Run, Run, Ride!

I went home to Pilot Mountain this weekend because I did the photos for the 3 Mountain Madness ride. I've ridden the ride several times, doing the 75 mile route and 2 of the 3 mountains in my best riding year of 09. I love this ride, its my hometown ride, the mountains are hard ( I've ridden all 3 just not in the same day) and overall its just a great ride. Wonderful support and volunteers, etc. Anyway, their normal photo company couldn't do it this year and I'd asked about it before so my team and I took the photos for the ride. (If you're curious to see them go HERE ).

Anyway I went home Friday afternoon and after a great meal at a local restaurant with my parents my dad and I went for a 1.5 mile run on Main Street around 10pm. I'm starting to like running at night, its cooler, its different and its fun.

Saturday we got up and did the photos. I was at mile 17 and everyone was by there by 9:40 so I headed home to chill with mom and start processing the photos. Dad was on Hanging rock taking photos of folks there.

When he got home, we went for another run. From their house, we ran a quick out and back for another 1.25 miles. Its much hiller than main street but we had a good time. After that we grabbed lunch and I got ready to go to a friends wedding with my wife.

Sunday morning Dad came to Greensboro this time and we headed to Hagan Stone park to ride a 40ish mile ride with a stop at Homeland Creamery for homemade Ice Cream. The ride ended up being 43 miles, we had a blast and rode pretty solid too. Unfortunately the Creamery doesn't open until 1 on Sunday's so no ice cream for us today.

That'll probably be the most miles I put in for a week on the bike for a while, because I have quite a few business things I'll be taking care of before my trip to Chicago at the end of the month. But, then again, I'm going to try to squeeze in the miles when I can.

This week:
Bike - 81 miles
Run - 3.75

I hope everyone had a great weekend and this week is awesome for you.
Stay Loco!

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  1. What a great weekend! Congrats on your workouts and scoring the photo gig!

    Have a great week!