Sunday, June 19, 2011

Esquire Review

I love magazines. I have a tendancy to get more than I have time to read sometimes, but I enjoy the articles, the short storys, etc.

I regularly read:
Mens Health
Popular Photogarphy
Digital Photo Pro
Mens Fitness
I get Bloomberg Business Week b/c I'm enrolled in grad school, its "free"...haha

I used to get Runners World and Triathlete as well but had to let some go.

I picked up a copy of Esquire the other day because Bradley Cooper was the covery story and I wanted to read more about him. I started with that article, and thats something I usually don't do. I usually start by flipping through reading some of the other general interest stories.

I'll have to say that I really didn't enjoy this magazine. I wasn't a huge fan of the writing style or the content. Not much useful in there for me, but everyone's got their own interest I suppose. I'll happily stick with MH, MF, and GQ for my mens magazines.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm BACK in the Saddle again!

After nearly a year without doing much riding I've finally climbed back on and am having a blast.
I've ridden the past 4 days, and have gotten over 150 miles in so far this month. I know its not a ton, but all things considering, I'm feeling good.

Tuesday night was my first ride back with the B group that I rode with so much 2 years ago and just a bit at the beginning of last summer. One of the guys said when we got there that he had a hilly route planned out, unless someone didn't want to do it.

Shit! Did I want to ride a hilly route in my first ride back with the gang, no, but did I say anything, heck no, bring on the pain. Or some of you might know HTFU.

Off we went, and my goal was to hang at least 10 miles with the group, I honestly didn't know if I'd be able to stay with them any longer or even that long, b/c I didn't want to slow their ride down tremendously. They usually stop and regroup at turns, but I told them if I was way way back to not worry about it, because we were on roads I was somewhat used to.

Okay, that wasn't entirely true, I know the area pretty well but we rode some roads I'd never been on before and I know that it was probably the hilliest route that I've ever rode with these guys and I've done 30+ rides with them. I put parts of the route in map my ride and one of the hills we went on near the rock quarry had a section of >10% grade.

I was with the group pretty solid until a bit after 10 miles and I ended up getting dropped on the climbs about 5 or 6 times, but I didn't get spit out far enough that they didn't wait. I rolled up to the turns at most a minute after the middle of the pack and finished the ride with everyone. It was a great 28 miles and they joked, but its true, that rides like that will whip you into shape fast. I'm glad my legs responded to the challenge.

Wednesday night I was going to do around 10 easy, but the route turned out to be close to 14 and I was feeling good so I pushed a little bit.

I made up for that tonight, I wanted to keep my average under 15 to recover. I was shooting for somewhere in the 13ish range and accomplished my goal, and ended up with a 14.2 average for 15 miles.

I'm taking tomorrow off and then riding the a training ride Saturday. The loacl bike MS event has 10 shop sponsored training rides throughout the summer, and granted I have to work 2 of them ( I try to ride those too), I like to go out and support the shops and get a marked route, with a few hundred folks and a supported rest stop for free.

My legs have come around quicker than I thought they would and I'm excited to be riding again.

Until next ride, stay loco!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Run, Run, Ride!

I went home to Pilot Mountain this weekend because I did the photos for the 3 Mountain Madness ride. I've ridden the ride several times, doing the 75 mile route and 2 of the 3 mountains in my best riding year of 09. I love this ride, its my hometown ride, the mountains are hard ( I've ridden all 3 just not in the same day) and overall its just a great ride. Wonderful support and volunteers, etc. Anyway, their normal photo company couldn't do it this year and I'd asked about it before so my team and I took the photos for the ride. (If you're curious to see them go HERE ).

Anyway I went home Friday afternoon and after a great meal at a local restaurant with my parents my dad and I went for a 1.5 mile run on Main Street around 10pm. I'm starting to like running at night, its cooler, its different and its fun.

Saturday we got up and did the photos. I was at mile 17 and everyone was by there by 9:40 so I headed home to chill with mom and start processing the photos. Dad was on Hanging rock taking photos of folks there.

When he got home, we went for another run. From their house, we ran a quick out and back for another 1.25 miles. Its much hiller than main street but we had a good time. After that we grabbed lunch and I got ready to go to a friends wedding with my wife.

Sunday morning Dad came to Greensboro this time and we headed to Hagan Stone park to ride a 40ish mile ride with a stop at Homeland Creamery for homemade Ice Cream. The ride ended up being 43 miles, we had a blast and rode pretty solid too. Unfortunately the Creamery doesn't open until 1 on Sunday's so no ice cream for us today.

That'll probably be the most miles I put in for a week on the bike for a while, because I have quite a few business things I'll be taking care of before my trip to Chicago at the end of the month. But, then again, I'm going to try to squeeze in the miles when I can.

This week:
Bike - 81 miles
Run - 3.75

I hope everyone had a great weekend and this week is awesome for you.
Stay Loco!

Friday, June 3, 2011


I've been LUCKY in contest lately.
I'm going to post about my most recent win today, and then another great win in a few days. (Sorry Ben, I totally didn't ever post about winning your great contest!)

Kristen at Inspired by Dooce had a review of Ryders Eyeware on her blog last week and in addition to the review she had a contest to win a pair of sunglasses. I entered in every way that she outlined you could for a total of 3 entries and I found out yesterday that she selected my name from the bag of names (check out her blog and you'll see its true)

I really like the Defcon's but need to check out the others before I send Kristen a list with a few types I'd be more than happy to have.

Thank you to Kristen & Ryders for the great contest. Please click on their links and check out those pages. A great blog and a great company.

Stay Loco!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back on the wagon!!

I'm baaaaacckk! In the mood to exercise.
After the beat down school laid on my exercising this spring, and having no desire to do anything for a few weeks afterwards, other than take photos, edit, etc, I had a great 29 mile bike ride on Monday with my dad. I haven't been able to ride again this week but I hope to this afternoon. It won't be but a 10-15 mile ride due to the heat, but I can't wait to get out there.

Pretty good pics taken with dad's i phone while riding huh?
Speaking of my dad, here's his picture taken with my blackberry.

The last night, I decided that since I wasn't able to bike or go to the gym (wife was out with the girls, and since we're in a guest suite apartment while our AC is broken we don't have the crate for the dog) I'd go for a run after dinner. I went out and ran a mile at 10 last night. And you know what, I kind of liked it. I might run again tonight, and who knows, maybe some more this weekend.

 Now here's a question. I started shaving my legs around 4 years ago and think they look good that way, but damn its a hassle ( not complaining, I know you ladies do it all the time), last summer, I didn't shave that often but did before riding, but I haven't shaved in about six months and its pretty nice not to deal with it.

There are pro's and con's to both, shaving looks better and is cooler, not shaving is much easier and less time consuming.

So - should I shave these things?