Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Broken AC - and a lifesaver

As much as I want to own a house (we aren't sure we'll be staying in our current location for more than a few more years, due to wanting to move back "home" about an hour from here so when we have kids they'll be close to their grandparents and we'll have support) there are some damn good benefits to living in an apartment.

Thursday of last week I noticed that our place was not as cool as normal and I let the office know on Friday. The maintenance man added freon to the unit and it was cooling properly again. However Saturday afternoon it started acting up again and I went back to the office on Sunday.

Turns out there's a leak with the freon and it couldn't be fixed or worked on until today. However, the guest apartment you can rent at our complex was rented but they put us in their model, which is furnished, w/o a tv or internet connection though. We stayed there Sunday night and all day yesterday. I am quite happy with them for bending over backwards to help us out b/c the ac unit isn't working at all right now and during the day yesterday it was 88 in our apartment (went by to pick up a few more things), and this morning it had cooled down to 83.6. I would have had to rent a room somewhere if they hadn't helped us out.

I heard from them a bit ago and a piece has been ordered, the air handler(maybe, any one know anything about HVAC?) has been ordered and won't be in for a few days. We're going to be in the guest suite apartment (with a TV!) for the next few nights.

I know that if I was a homeowner it might have been fixed by now but I'd be out a TON of money. Currently its only costing me to put our dog in doggy day care for today and the next few days.

I owe the apartment office lady a nice six pack. She's a lifesaver. 

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  1. Sorry about the AC unit but you really did luck out!