Monday, February 28, 2011

Like Riding a Bicycle?

Whats like riding a bicycle you might be asking yourself, well riding a bicycle is like riding a bicycle.

If you can use that metaphor to mean anything that you ahven't done in a while that comes back to you when you start then the act of riding a bike should count as well, right?

Anyway, I got Cyclone (if cars can have names bikes certainly can too) out yesterday, got the tires all pumped up (those do not have their own names), put on my new computer(okay so I bought it last fall, but if you've been reading you'll notice the lack of cycling posts since then) and got out on a PERFECT North Carolina Day.
Its hard to believe that its still February here with 75 degree sunny weather yesterday.

I rode my standby 15 mile loop and it went great. I didn't set, not attempt to set any sort of speed records, I just wanted to get out for the first of many (okay so I've ridden two other times this  year) rides. I wish that every day would be like yesterday, it was absolutely amazing.

Much to my surprise, I hadn't forgotten how to ride, my feet still clipped in with ease, my legs turned and proved to be the only pistons my V2 cycle needed. The Roubaix still handles and rides like a dream, the only discomfort was, as is always the case when you first start riding again its a pain in the ass. Literally, not figurativly, gonna have to log some miles to get used to being in the saddle.

Diet Related Information:
Day 15:
Starting Weight 218.4
Current Weight 218.4
Total Lost 8.8

I've already lost over half of a pro bike.
Its funny to think people are always looking for new lighter pedals, shoes, bottles, etc for their cycling, when the easiest way to cut weight it to trim down the engine. If you don't believe me grab an extra 20-50 pounds and do anything, run, walk, garden, vacuum, cycle and tell me it isn't harder. (apologies to any super fit person who is at their perfect body weight reading this, you may feel free to continue to spend thousands of dollars reducing a few grams at a time on your bike)

A Great Contest for a Great Cause!!
Lastly, my friend and fellow blogger Ben from Becoming Timberman (which should probably be Becoming Cedar Point or something b/c he rocked Timberman last year) is having an amzing raffle to help his fundraising efforts for Team Fight - The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

Check out his blog here: Becoming Timberman
Check out the raffle HERE: (you can win over $650 in prizes including a $200 dollar apple gift card for a $10 donation, enter NOW!!)


  1. I am jealous that you got to ride outdoors! I was going to yesterday but it never warmed up enough. Oh well, maybe this weekend!

  2. I know someone else who is always saying that the weight you can control the easiest (easiest? well...) is your own. It is definitely the cheapest way...

    (and I love your bike's name. i still need to come up with a name for mine)