Thursday, February 24, 2011


I set several incremental goals for my weight loss and the first one containted the most weight. I wanted to loose 7 pounds to meet goal number one because that would put me under 220. The rest of my goals are in 5 pound increments.

When I weighed this morning I got my wish and lost .6 and that puts me just under 220.

I've been able to do really well eating this week but haven't worked out at all. I've met with Study groups Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday for 3 hours and had class Monday for 3 hours. That's too much school! I left the study group last night before it was over because I had just had enough for the day. I'll be studying some today at lunch and leaving work an hour early to finish reviewing any last minute stuff. Tonight is the Macro Econ final and regardless of the outcome, I'm just ready to take it and get it over with at this point.

Day 11 Recap
Starting Weight - 220.4
Current Weight - 219.8
Total Lost - 7.4