Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 9 & 10 Recap - 17 Day Diet

This one will b short and sweet.
Life is very very busy this week with school.
Study groups on Sunday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Accounting class was Monday night and our Macro Econ final is Thursday.

I have been very good about following the diet as far as what I can and can not eat, there have been a few days when I've eaten less than I was supposed to due to how busy things are. All in all I'm very proud of myself, I've almost hit my first goal of 220 or less!

Day 9
Starting Weight - 220.6
Current Weight - 220.8
Total Lost - 6.4

Day 10
Starting Weight - 220.8
Current Weight - 220.4
Total Lost - 6.8

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