Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 Weeks Down!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I was able to get to the gym and play some basketball, then walk a mile with my wife. Had a great salad for lunch and then got ready for a photo gig for the Iredell County Heart Ball last night.

Had dinner at golden coral afterwards and had grilled chicken tenders, coleslaw, green beans and a salad for dinner, with no bread. The coleslaw was supposed to be carrots but they were out of carrots and about four other things (that I didn't want) but I'd never heard a list of we're out of......., like that at cracker barrel.

Starring Weight 218.6
Current Weight 218.4
Total Lost - 8.8

Tonight I'll be eating out again at a great local restaurant in my hometown. We're heading "home" to celebrate my Mother in Laws birthday. The only think I'm going to miss eating at 13 bones is the bread, its sooooo good. When I get to my weight goal and can have cheat days on the weekend, I'll go back and have some of the bread.

In other workout news I ran 2 miles (okay, ran and walked, sue me) Friday night and worked out again yesterday. I hope to get out for a 10-15 mile bike ride today but it depends on how much time I have before we have to leave.