Wednesday, February 16, 2011

17 Day Diet - Overview

The diet is called the 17 day diet but is really 4 cycles of 17 days.
Its written by a doctor and he provides some research and medical facts about how those who lose weight rapidly have better success at keeping it off and get less discouraged.
Cycle 1: Accelerate - To promote rapid weight loss by improving digestive health. It helps clear sugar from the blood to boos fat burning and discourage fat storage. (my take, carb reduction in both sugar and other formats, can still have some carbs such as 2 fruits a day)
Cycle 2: Activate - to reset your metabolism through a strategy that involves increasing and decreasing your caloric consumption to stimulate fat-burning and to help prevent plateaus. (mixes higher and lower calorie days, back and forth)
Cycle 3: Achieve - To develop good eating habits through the re-introduction of additional foods and move you closer to your goal weight.
Cycle 4: Arrive - Ongoing, you stay here from now on as sort of a lifestyle change. TO keep you at your goal weight though a program of eating that lets you enjoy your favorite foods on weekends, while eating healthfully during the week.
The Doctor expects that people can easily loose 10-12 pounds in the first 17 days. It makes sense though because by cutting the cards, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and having a generous intake of protein it can make a big difference.

What do you get to eat?
This changes by cycles as more foods are added in as you progress. For example corn is in cycle 2 but not cycle 1.
Plenty of protein, but not to the Atkins extent where your snacks were pepperoni. The protein has lots of benefits including taming your appetite, it boots metabolism through stepping up the action of the thyroid, keeps blood sugar on an even level, etc. Lean meats, turkey, chicken lots of fish, etc
As many cleansing vegetables as you want.(defined in the book, but such as green beans, carrots, Brussels sprouts,
Cutting out High Sugar stuff, even high sugar fruits, but a lot of the processed carbs. People can become "carb sensitive". When that happens he says your body can no longer burn fat effectively, and a good deal of the carbs you eat are packed away as fat. You become carb sensitive by eating too much sugar and refined cards, chronic stress, and women are predisposition to be this way more than men. (not me, I'm very carb sensitive)
There's a chart that lists where your weight should range for your height and its broken down into small boned frame(not me), midpoint, and large boned frame. I think of myself as at the midpoint and that is 188 for my height. I will probably learn to do a cartwheel when I get to 188.
There is a long list of foods you can eat with each chapter, it's not overly restrictive and it includes sample days menus for each 17 days. In cycle 1 there are like 8 lean proteins, 30 cleansing veggies (eat all you want), low sugar fruits around 10 of those (limit 2 per day), probiotic foods (2 servings per day).
That's the 17 day diet in a nutshell. Feel free to email me for any other details about it as I continue this journey.
It seems like there is some real basic principals here but I wanted a plan to follow and something to judge my efforts on. I am hoping that it works and I get used to the change, however its been good so far.
You are also supposed to exercise for at least 17 minutes a day. Mom says it recommends 17 minutes in the morning and afternoon. 17 or more I guess is the goal.

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