Sunday, February 20, 2011

17 Day Diet - Day 6 & 7 - Sucess in the face of Temptation

I've made through a week, and the first 7 of 17 days in cycle 1.
I'm really pleased with the results at this point and can only hope that they will keep going so well.
As I stated in the first blog about this diet
I'm just a few pounds away from reaching my first goal milestone.

Last Night we attended a surprise birthday / retirement party for a wonderful lady and I had the pleasure of being the photographer for the event as well. I did great in not eating things that I shouldn't. If I'd have been in the fourth cycle I would have been able to indulge in all the goodies but I'm on a mission to loose weight right now so I abstained, and it wasn't easy.

They had delicous barbecue and bbq chicken catered with coleslaw, mashed potatos, bread and HUSH PUPPIES! For dessert there was delicous looking (and smelling as we were seated a mere 5 feet from it) cake.
I at bbq and coleslaw, with a tiny portion of baked beans, and a piece of the bbq chicken. So while I don't think those foods were explictly on my to eat list, I made great choices and stayed away from the potatos, the fried foods, the bread and the cake.

If that weren't temptation enough, I played golf with my friends yesterday and I had picked up a salad to eat on the way so I had that, and at the turn they all had a delicious looking hotdog. Man, I did great yesterday!

I wasn't sure how weight loss would go, with the bbq having the potential to be high in sodium, etc.

I lost weight again today and have lost 5.2 pounds in the last week. If I can keep loosing a little bit every day I just might make it to that 10-12 pound loss in the first 17 days. Its great motivation to see the weight coming off and makes the temporary sacrafices worth it.

Day 6:
Starting Weight 222.8
Current Weight 222.6
Total Lost - 4.6

Day 7:
Starting Weight 222.6
Current Weight 222.0
Total Lost - 5.2