Wednesday, February 16, 2011

17 Day Diet - Day 2 & 3

Day 2 and Day 3 are now in the books for the 17 day diet and I'm happy that day 4 in under way.

There really might be something to the doc's claim that eating the ample amount of "cleansing" veggies will really ramp up your energy supply. Either that or yesterday was a fluke of nature. I had a busy day at work and class Monday night and had a cup of coffee in the morning and at 5:30 before class started. (coffee is allowed but you're expected to use Truvia the sugar substitute, so I did, and I also used low fat milk) I was tired after school but attribute the coffee to my staying up so late Monday night. I got really into cleaning out e-mails and the like. Since I didn't end up in bed until 2am I was already thinking about if I should stop at sheets or should I make the extra few mile trek over to Tate Street Coffee Tuesday morning. I did neither and had a ton of energy all day. I hope I feel like that every day! (note-it was tough to get out of bed today, we'll see what happens with the abundance of energy)

The eating is still going great, but I really did have a crazing for one of the reese cups sitting on the kitchen counter. I made it without eating one and am proud of that minor victory. After I get to cycle 4 of the diet I would probably eat one if I wanted it but make sure to not overindulge.

Tara and I did get to the gym last night and that was nice because my working out has severely suffered with school. I just did 30 minutes on the elliptical but I'm being reasonable and not trying to start out with any herculean amounts of time or weight training. My goal is to work out at least 3 times a week, hopefully to get the 17 minutes of walking or other activity in daily but to really make it to the gym 3times a week.

I'll be posting a quick overview of the diet in the next day or so I know some of you've wanted a little more information.

Now for the important stuff the weigh ins.

Day 2:
Starting Weight: 225.4
Day 2 Weight: 224.6 (-0.8)
Total Lost: 2.6

Day 3:
Starting Weight: 224.6
Current Weight: 223.8 (-0.8)
Total Lost 3.4