Sunday, February 13, 2011

17 Day Diet - Day 1

Some folks my dad works with have tried and had great success with the 17 day diet. It should really be called the 17 day cycle diet because there are 4 cycles of the diet.

Nonetheless I've started the diet today. The first cycle ramps up protein and limits carbs, but doesn't eliminate them completely. There are some fruit serving in the diet which I really like because its hard enough to cut out candy, bread, etc but its only for the 1st 17 days. I like chicken, fish, turkey, fruits and veggies, and some of the other foods enough that it should work out. And, its only 17 days right?

What makes this book/diet stand out are its claims that rapid weight loss in the beginning has more long term benefit than some current schools of thought that state if you loose it quick you'll gain it back quicker. A well established doctor has created this plan and has been featured on Dr. Phil and other shows.

As bad as I am about blogging I hope to do better during this experiment of this diet. My weight has yo-yo'd like crazy the past week or so being up and down 1-2 pounds regularly. After our Valentines dinner of home made spaghetti sauce(I cooked this for Tara using her mom's recipe our first valentines day and we have done that every year since - 4 total years now!!) and our trip to Krispy Kreme last night (only 1 doughnut each, plus I had half a cup of ice cream and threw out the other half) I was at my heavist weight of the year, which is 227.2

The book says you can expect to loose 10-12 pounds in the first seventeen days and if that is true, I will be estatic. I really just want to loose more than 7.2 pounds to meet my first goal.

My goals are like this:

When I get under 190 I will re-evaluate where my weight is and what I think it should stay between. At this point I feel like I should stay between 182-188, but I might need to be in the 170's, we'll just have to wait and see. I haven't been under 190 since 1999 or 2000, so to get back to my weight in high school would be huge. I did get down to 194 a few summers ago and I know that I can get and stay there.

Another part of this plan that appeals to me is that you should exercise for at least 17 minutes a day. When I went from 253 down to 200 pounds in 07 I did it rapidly with 2-4 hours in the gym a day and it was awesome. At that point in my life I had that kind of time to really put into the gym, but now I don't.

I am in the midst of the toughest semester I have ever had in school. I have never put in so much time and energy into doing work, studying, meeting for study groups(what???, I know, never before this semester have I needed to do that). UNCG is putting myself and my friends through the wringer with Econ and Accounting in the MBA program at the same time.

So the 17 minutes of working out sounds doable, and not overly discouraging.

So there's the start of the story. Day 1 is under way and after 5 hours I'm doing great. I sure as hell hope I can stick this one out and get my weight back to a point where I'm not constantly discouraged by it.


  1. I'm just trying to work out more consistantly, even if it's just 20 minutes after work. On days I am off, I obviously work out longer. I'm watching what I eat a little better... trying to reduce my salt intake, drink more water, eat fruit instead of dessert. We got the Kinect for xbox and it has a awesome Dance Central game, which I really enjoy doing. So I've done that every day since we got it. I wish us both luck!

  2. I wish us both the best of luck as well! I've been reading your posts about that game and it sounds like a blast!!

  3. I can't wait to see how this works out for you. I am sure you will do well because you seem deterimined. Good luck and good luck with your classes!

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