Monday, February 28, 2011

Like Riding a Bicycle?

Whats like riding a bicycle you might be asking yourself, well riding a bicycle is like riding a bicycle.

If you can use that metaphor to mean anything that you ahven't done in a while that comes back to you when you start then the act of riding a bike should count as well, right?

Anyway, I got Cyclone (if cars can have names bikes certainly can too) out yesterday, got the tires all pumped up (those do not have their own names), put on my new computer(okay so I bought it last fall, but if you've been reading you'll notice the lack of cycling posts since then) and got out on a PERFECT North Carolina Day.
Its hard to believe that its still February here with 75 degree sunny weather yesterday.

I rode my standby 15 mile loop and it went great. I didn't set, not attempt to set any sort of speed records, I just wanted to get out for the first of many (okay so I've ridden two other times this  year) rides. I wish that every day would be like yesterday, it was absolutely amazing.

Much to my surprise, I hadn't forgotten how to ride, my feet still clipped in with ease, my legs turned and proved to be the only pistons my V2 cycle needed. The Roubaix still handles and rides like a dream, the only discomfort was, as is always the case when you first start riding again its a pain in the ass. Literally, not figurativly, gonna have to log some miles to get used to being in the saddle.

Diet Related Information:
Day 15:
Starting Weight 218.4
Current Weight 218.4
Total Lost 8.8

I've already lost over half of a pro bike.
Its funny to think people are always looking for new lighter pedals, shoes, bottles, etc for their cycling, when the easiest way to cut weight it to trim down the engine. If you don't believe me grab an extra 20-50 pounds and do anything, run, walk, garden, vacuum, cycle and tell me it isn't harder. (apologies to any super fit person who is at their perfect body weight reading this, you may feel free to continue to spend thousands of dollars reducing a few grams at a time on your bike)

A Great Contest for a Great Cause!!
Lastly, my friend and fellow blogger Ben from Becoming Timberman (which should probably be Becoming Cedar Point or something b/c he rocked Timberman last year) is having an amzing raffle to help his fundraising efforts for Team Fight - The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

Check out his blog here: Becoming Timberman
Check out the raffle HERE: (you can win over $650 in prizes including a $200 dollar apple gift card for a $10 donation, enter NOW!!)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 Weeks Down!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I was able to get to the gym and play some basketball, then walk a mile with my wife. Had a great salad for lunch and then got ready for a photo gig for the Iredell County Heart Ball last night.

Had dinner at golden coral afterwards and had grilled chicken tenders, coleslaw, green beans and a salad for dinner, with no bread. The coleslaw was supposed to be carrots but they were out of carrots and about four other things (that I didn't want) but I'd never heard a list of we're out of......., like that at cracker barrel.

Starring Weight 218.6
Current Weight 218.4
Total Lost - 8.8

Tonight I'll be eating out again at a great local restaurant in my hometown. We're heading "home" to celebrate my Mother in Laws birthday. The only think I'm going to miss eating at 13 bones is the bread, its sooooo good. When I get to my weight goal and can have cheat days on the weekend, I'll go back and have some of the bread.

In other workout news I ran 2 miles (okay, ran and walked, sue me) Friday night and worked out again yesterday. I hope to get out for a 10-15 mile bike ride today but it depends on how much time I have before we have to leave.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 12 & 13 Recap - 17 Day Diet

Day 12 was a little disappointing because I gained .2 and was back right on the nose at 220, but I had a feeling I wouldn't stay there for long. On the days I'd gained I'd lost a decent amount the next day. That proved to be true today when after day 13 I lost 1.4 pounds.

I'm really pleased with my choice to try the 17 day diet. The principals are easy to understand, and having a plan to follow when seeing good results makes things easier to stay on. It is quite a bit different with the carb reduction in phase 1, but more vegetables are added in the next 17 days, and after that whole grains are back in moderation. Bread, pasta, rice, etc. But I must say I'm especially looking forward to the fourth cycle when the cheat meals are available on the weekends. I know I won't be cheating too badly because I still have a long way to go, but for now I'm celebrating some great successes in the first 13 days!

I'd also like to make mention that both of my parents are also on this diet, one day behind me, it was actually their idea to try it after they knew of a few others who'd been so successful. They are both doing great as well!

Day 12
Starting Weight 219.8
Current Weight 220
Total Lost - 7.2

Day 13
Starting Weight 220
Current Weight 218.6
Total Lost - 8.6

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I set several incremental goals for my weight loss and the first one containted the most weight. I wanted to loose 7 pounds to meet goal number one because that would put me under 220. The rest of my goals are in 5 pound increments.

When I weighed this morning I got my wish and lost .6 and that puts me just under 220.

I've been able to do really well eating this week but haven't worked out at all. I've met with Study groups Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday for 3 hours and had class Monday for 3 hours. That's too much school! I left the study group last night before it was over because I had just had enough for the day. I'll be studying some today at lunch and leaving work an hour early to finish reviewing any last minute stuff. Tonight is the Macro Econ final and regardless of the outcome, I'm just ready to take it and get it over with at this point.

Day 11 Recap
Starting Weight - 220.4
Current Weight - 219.8
Total Lost - 7.4

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 9 & 10 Recap - 17 Day Diet

This one will b short and sweet.
Life is very very busy this week with school.
Study groups on Sunday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Accounting class was Monday night and our Macro Econ final is Thursday.

I have been very good about following the diet as far as what I can and can not eat, there have been a few days when I've eaten less than I was supposed to due to how busy things are. All in all I'm very proud of myself, I've almost hit my first goal of 220 or less!

Day 9
Starting Weight - 220.6
Current Weight - 220.8
Total Lost - 6.4

Day 10
Starting Weight - 220.8
Current Weight - 220.4
Total Lost - 6.8

Monday, February 21, 2011

17 Day Diet - Day 8

The trip to the scale paid off huge today. After really working hard to do the best I could on Saturday, Sunday was such a busy day that I didn't have time to eat that much. Just a few eggs for breakfast and then a quick snack on some left over chicken around 3:30, before cooking a great stir fry dinner.

I did have a lot of water Saturday, probably something between 14-20 glasses (8oz) all total after golfing, going to the party and going out afterward, so I spent a lot of time yesterday in the bathroom.

It entirely possible that I gain a little tomorrow after loosing 1.4 pounds today. But for the moment I'm going to relish being at my lowest weight in a long time. I didn't start tracking my weight until November and it was 223 at that point and has went down, up, down, up and finally going down and staying there. .6 Pounds away from goal #1!

Starting Weight 222.0
Today's Weight 220.6
Total Lost - 6.6

Sunday, February 20, 2011

17 Day Diet - Day 6 & 7 - Sucess in the face of Temptation

I've made through a week, and the first 7 of 17 days in cycle 1.
I'm really pleased with the results at this point and can only hope that they will keep going so well.
As I stated in the first blog about this diet
I'm just a few pounds away from reaching my first goal milestone.

Last Night we attended a surprise birthday / retirement party for a wonderful lady and I had the pleasure of being the photographer for the event as well. I did great in not eating things that I shouldn't. If I'd have been in the fourth cycle I would have been able to indulge in all the goodies but I'm on a mission to loose weight right now so I abstained, and it wasn't easy.

They had delicous barbecue and bbq chicken catered with coleslaw, mashed potatos, bread and HUSH PUPPIES! For dessert there was delicous looking (and smelling as we were seated a mere 5 feet from it) cake.
I at bbq and coleslaw, with a tiny portion of baked beans, and a piece of the bbq chicken. So while I don't think those foods were explictly on my to eat list, I made great choices and stayed away from the potatos, the fried foods, the bread and the cake.

If that weren't temptation enough, I played golf with my friends yesterday and I had picked up a salad to eat on the way so I had that, and at the turn they all had a delicious looking hotdog. Man, I did great yesterday!

I wasn't sure how weight loss would go, with the bbq having the potential to be high in sodium, etc.

I lost weight again today and have lost 5.2 pounds in the last week. If I can keep loosing a little bit every day I just might make it to that 10-12 pound loss in the first 17 days. Its great motivation to see the weight coming off and makes the temporary sacrafices worth it.

Day 6:
Starting Weight 222.8
Current Weight 222.6
Total Lost - 4.6

Day 7:
Starting Weight 222.6
Current Weight 222.0
Total Lost - 5.2

Friday, February 18, 2011

17 Day Diet - Day 4 & 5

Its the beginning of day 6 and things are still humming along on the first cycle of the 17 day diet.

There was a minor setback on day four, I gained .2 pounds. I think there were several contributing factors including the olive oil and seasoning dressing that I had with the grill chicken salad for lunch, but I was also very thirsty and drank more than 8 glasses of water, I drank more like 14 glasses of water and 16 oz of green tea as well. So I was possibly over hydrated. I followed everything else well so although disappointed it wasn't devastating, besides I'd still lost a good amount of weight.

Yesterday the only deviation from the diet was that I didn't eat enough that is prescribed because frankly I was just to busy to eat the snacks. So I didn't get any fruit yesterday but I'm doing better today, breakfast of yogurt and an apple should hit the spot.

For dinner last night I threw another quick meal together.
2 pieces grill chicken on the forman. 1 bag of steam fresh broccoli. 12 cherry tomatos cut in half. 2 tbsp of shreeded fat free cheddar cheese.

After chicken and broccoli were cooked I added all ingrediants into a skillet and cooked for a fwe minutes to get the cheese melted and onto everything. Plus I like the grilled tomoato taste. Seasoned with a little lite soy sauce and had a nice fast meal after school.

Day 4:
Start 223.8
Current 224
Total Lost - 3.2

Day 5
Start 224
Current 222.8
Total Lost - 4.4

I have just started a nice long weekend. Took today off as a vacation day and we are closed Monday for Presidents day. Lots of photo editing to catch up on today, golf and some photos tomorrow, studying sunday, and probably again on monday but at least there is time to get caught up on all the photos that need editing and the school work. Next week is the last week of school before 2 weeks off. That is going to be awesome with no class for a few weeks. A real chance to shut it down and relax? Yeah right! A real chance to get started on that 12-20 page term paper for accounting.

Have a great weekend!

ps - if you decide to look for this book its only avaialbe online at this point.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

17 Day Diet - Overview

The diet is called the 17 day diet but is really 4 cycles of 17 days.
Its written by a doctor and he provides some research and medical facts about how those who lose weight rapidly have better success at keeping it off and get less discouraged.
Cycle 1: Accelerate - To promote rapid weight loss by improving digestive health. It helps clear sugar from the blood to boos fat burning and discourage fat storage. (my take, carb reduction in both sugar and other formats, can still have some carbs such as 2 fruits a day)
Cycle 2: Activate - to reset your metabolism through a strategy that involves increasing and decreasing your caloric consumption to stimulate fat-burning and to help prevent plateaus. (mixes higher and lower calorie days, back and forth)
Cycle 3: Achieve - To develop good eating habits through the re-introduction of additional foods and move you closer to your goal weight.
Cycle 4: Arrive - Ongoing, you stay here from now on as sort of a lifestyle change. TO keep you at your goal weight though a program of eating that lets you enjoy your favorite foods on weekends, while eating healthfully during the week.
The Doctor expects that people can easily loose 10-12 pounds in the first 17 days. It makes sense though because by cutting the cards, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and having a generous intake of protein it can make a big difference.

What do you get to eat?
This changes by cycles as more foods are added in as you progress. For example corn is in cycle 2 but not cycle 1.
Plenty of protein, but not to the Atkins extent where your snacks were pepperoni. The protein has lots of benefits including taming your appetite, it boots metabolism through stepping up the action of the thyroid, keeps blood sugar on an even level, etc. Lean meats, turkey, chicken lots of fish, etc
As many cleansing vegetables as you want.(defined in the book, but such as green beans, carrots, Brussels sprouts,
Cutting out High Sugar stuff, even high sugar fruits, but a lot of the processed carbs. People can become "carb sensitive". When that happens he says your body can no longer burn fat effectively, and a good deal of the carbs you eat are packed away as fat. You become carb sensitive by eating too much sugar and refined cards, chronic stress, and women are predisposition to be this way more than men. (not me, I'm very carb sensitive)
There's a chart that lists where your weight should range for your height and its broken down into small boned frame(not me), midpoint, and large boned frame. I think of myself as at the midpoint and that is 188 for my height. I will probably learn to do a cartwheel when I get to 188.
There is a long list of foods you can eat with each chapter, it's not overly restrictive and it includes sample days menus for each 17 days. In cycle 1 there are like 8 lean proteins, 30 cleansing veggies (eat all you want), low sugar fruits around 10 of those (limit 2 per day), probiotic foods (2 servings per day).
That's the 17 day diet in a nutshell. Feel free to email me for any other details about it as I continue this journey.
It seems like there is some real basic principals here but I wanted a plan to follow and something to judge my efforts on. I am hoping that it works and I get used to the change, however its been good so far.
You are also supposed to exercise for at least 17 minutes a day. Mom says it recommends 17 minutes in the morning and afternoon. 17 or more I guess is the goal.

17 Day Diet - Day 2 & 3

Day 2 and Day 3 are now in the books for the 17 day diet and I'm happy that day 4 in under way.

There really might be something to the doc's claim that eating the ample amount of "cleansing" veggies will really ramp up your energy supply. Either that or yesterday was a fluke of nature. I had a busy day at work and class Monday night and had a cup of coffee in the morning and at 5:30 before class started. (coffee is allowed but you're expected to use Truvia the sugar substitute, so I did, and I also used low fat milk) I was tired after school but attribute the coffee to my staying up so late Monday night. I got really into cleaning out e-mails and the like. Since I didn't end up in bed until 2am I was already thinking about if I should stop at sheets or should I make the extra few mile trek over to Tate Street Coffee Tuesday morning. I did neither and had a ton of energy all day. I hope I feel like that every day! (note-it was tough to get out of bed today, we'll see what happens with the abundance of energy)

The eating is still going great, but I really did have a crazing for one of the reese cups sitting on the kitchen counter. I made it without eating one and am proud of that minor victory. After I get to cycle 4 of the diet I would probably eat one if I wanted it but make sure to not overindulge.

Tara and I did get to the gym last night and that was nice because my working out has severely suffered with school. I just did 30 minutes on the elliptical but I'm being reasonable and not trying to start out with any herculean amounts of time or weight training. My goal is to work out at least 3 times a week, hopefully to get the 17 minutes of walking or other activity in daily but to really make it to the gym 3times a week.

I'll be posting a quick overview of the diet in the next day or so I know some of you've wanted a little more information.

Now for the important stuff the weigh ins.

Day 2:
Starting Weight: 225.4
Day 2 Weight: 224.6 (-0.8)
Total Lost: 2.6

Day 3:
Starting Weight: 224.6
Current Weight: 223.8 (-0.8)
Total Lost 3.4

Monday, February 14, 2011

17 Day Diet- Cycle 1 - Day 1 Update

Day 1 is in the books and I it was a success. Being able to eat all the protein and cleansing vegetables that I want at meal times is a real benefit to the diet. For dinner we had chicken, green beans, carrots and I had a spinach and cucumber salad to go with it.

I was down 1.8 pounds after the first day. Nice to see but somewhat expected with the reduction in carbs and the 9 glasses of water (diet calls for 8, I'm an overachiever, who had to visit the restroom 3!!! times during the movie yesterday) plus I was up from the previous day by quite a bit.

Anyway, its a great start and I've done great so far today, looking forward to a spinach salad with Tuna for lunch today with a side of apple slices, and its only an hour away!

I hope tomorrow is as successful as today.

Starting weight - 227.2
Todays weight - 225.4
Total lost - 1.8

Sunday, February 13, 2011

17 Day Diet - Day 1

Some folks my dad works with have tried and had great success with the 17 day diet. It should really be called the 17 day cycle diet because there are 4 cycles of the diet.

Nonetheless I've started the diet today. The first cycle ramps up protein and limits carbs, but doesn't eliminate them completely. There are some fruit serving in the diet which I really like because its hard enough to cut out candy, bread, etc but its only for the 1st 17 days. I like chicken, fish, turkey, fruits and veggies, and some of the other foods enough that it should work out. And, its only 17 days right?

What makes this book/diet stand out are its claims that rapid weight loss in the beginning has more long term benefit than some current schools of thought that state if you loose it quick you'll gain it back quicker. A well established doctor has created this plan and has been featured on Dr. Phil and other shows.

As bad as I am about blogging I hope to do better during this experiment of this diet. My weight has yo-yo'd like crazy the past week or so being up and down 1-2 pounds regularly. After our Valentines dinner of home made spaghetti sauce(I cooked this for Tara using her mom's recipe our first valentines day and we have done that every year since - 4 total years now!!) and our trip to Krispy Kreme last night (only 1 doughnut each, plus I had half a cup of ice cream and threw out the other half) I was at my heavist weight of the year, which is 227.2

The book says you can expect to loose 10-12 pounds in the first seventeen days and if that is true, I will be estatic. I really just want to loose more than 7.2 pounds to meet my first goal.

My goals are like this:

When I get under 190 I will re-evaluate where my weight is and what I think it should stay between. At this point I feel like I should stay between 182-188, but I might need to be in the 170's, we'll just have to wait and see. I haven't been under 190 since 1999 or 2000, so to get back to my weight in high school would be huge. I did get down to 194 a few summers ago and I know that I can get and stay there.

Another part of this plan that appeals to me is that you should exercise for at least 17 minutes a day. When I went from 253 down to 200 pounds in 07 I did it rapidly with 2-4 hours in the gym a day and it was awesome. At that point in my life I had that kind of time to really put into the gym, but now I don't.

I am in the midst of the toughest semester I have ever had in school. I have never put in so much time and energy into doing work, studying, meeting for study groups(what???, I know, never before this semester have I needed to do that). UNCG is putting myself and my friends through the wringer with Econ and Accounting in the MBA program at the same time.

So the 17 minutes of working out sounds doable, and not overly discouraging.

So there's the start of the story. Day 1 is under way and after 5 hours I'm doing great. I sure as hell hope I can stick this one out and get my weight back to a point where I'm not constantly discouraged by it.