Friday, December 31, 2010

Power Cycle & New Years Eve

I went to spin last night, not paying attention that Thursday night was Daves power cycle class.
Knowing that tidbit of information wouldn't have stopped me from going, but its nice to be aware of the masacre thats heading your way. For those of you who aren't members at the Ragsdale Y and who do enjoy spin, let me know when you'd like to go experience this Nazi man's spin class.

I sweated more than I have in probably over 6 months, and it was a ridiculously hard class but in the end it was well worth it. (well it better have been, I'm getting ready to get on the scale!)

Dave also really knows his stuff about nutrition, supplements, etc and it was nice to pick his brain about all of that after class.

I have been working on my new years resolution for 4 or 5 days already and I'm pleased with my decision not to wait until Saturday, or Monday or when ever....

I went ahead and got started in the days after Christmas and have done okay with eating so far. I don't plan on doing anything crazy tonight, we just have a few friends coming over and I'll be cooking some sort of baked chicken, maybe bbq, maybe Italian, not sure, along with mac and chz, and a steam fresh veggie of some sort.

The only unhealthy thing is I will be baking cookies tonight, but plan on taking most of those to my mom's family get together tomorrow afternoon.

Starting the new year off with a nice 25 mile bike ride with dad at a local shops Polar Bear ride and with the foretasted temps in the 50s it should be a great day to ride.

Have a Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weight Loss

Didn't go so good after the first day but I will be weighing in tomorrow and will provide an update.

Dang Tri Team Christmas party foiled my attempts on day 2 and i gained .8. At least I'd started with a .4 lost on day 1.

I haven't been to the gym this week, like has been busy, but that's the holidays.
The body needs rest sometimes anyway and today there was ice all over the place so there was a nice day off from work. We got a lot of cleaning done and are just about ready for the holidays.

We only have a half day at work tomorrow before a staff lunch and the rest of the day off!

Hope everyone is doing great!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Biggest Loser - Hill vs. Huff

So this isn't the first challenge I've started in the past few months, (don't go back and read, you'll just get down and out for me(d90x, chest workout, etc, etc, haha)

But here is a new one anyway. One of my co workers and I are fed up with gaining weight and needed a little motivation to not get even fatter over the holidays.

We weighed in on Monday, I will not disclose his weight unless he gives me his blessing. I will refer to it as X.

I weighed in at 224.6. My heaviest weight of the year and up 20 pounds from my wedding weight. 30 pounds from my summer 09 low.

A breif weight overview - i started really packing on the pounds toward the end of college and when i began working for ruby tuesday. At my heaviest I was probably close to 260, but the heaviest offical recorded weight I have was at the start of another weight loss challenge with a few friends in 2007. It was 253.

I lost weight in 07 to right down around 198 by working out 2-4 hours a day at the gym, weights, baseketball, hours on the elliptical and stationary bike. Weight was up and down for most of 08 and at the end I started gaining and was just over 226 in January 2009. I worked hard, ate well and got down to 195 that summer. It went back up to 215 by March of 2010 and I dropped 10 before the wedding and honeymoon. So since June I've manged to be such a gluton that I've gained 20 pounds and am ANGRY with myself.

Now I don't have the time to work out that much so I'm going to have to make good decisions eating and trying to workout (great time to start over the christmas holiday huh?)

I am glad we are doing this challenge. I have no desire to go back over 225. I know I can't just loose it all at once so I really hope to lose 6-10 pounds between December 13 and January 13 and then keep loosing .5-1 pound per week after that until I reach a goal weight that I can maintain.

No crazy fad diets, no 6 hour gym sessions, I want to make good decisions and feel proud about how I'm losing weight and the fitness that I'm regaining again.

I have some great goals fitness, personal and professional that I'm shooting for in 2011 and I'll start sharing those soon.

But today, after 1 day of the challenge I was down .4. (i know i shouldn't weigh every day but I have to be accountable somehow)

Here's to Day 2 of the HvsH Biggest Loser

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Is anyone there?
Its been forever since I've posted on this blog.

Hope everyones doing great.

Quick Update:
Things are going great for Tara & I.
I've been getting back into spinning and it makes me want to ride my bike so bad. So much so that I've pretty much decided that I had a lot more fun when I was ridding and running occasionally, so I'm probably not going to do any tri's that are not sprints or super sprints. I just don't enjoy swimming and would much rather be on my bike.

The Photography business has exploded over the past few months and its great!

I love the holidays and they're right around the corner.

Thats about all I've got right now. Like I said I hope everyones doing great!