Friday, October 22, 2010

Ouch Again

I didn't really feel to sore from Wednesday nights workout until I hit the gym last night. and then as I was walking up the stair towards the track, I realized that my legs were indeed sore.
This morning I'm once again sore as hell, in that good way. I've put in a killer week in the gym and am certainly feeling it this morning.

I had a networking event to attend at school for a class that I'm in so I have now attended all three events that are required and I did actually enjoy 2 of them. I can go ahead and write that short paper this weekend and am very much on the way to being done with all the assignments for class! HOORRAAYY!

Due to the networking event I was late getting to the gym so the plan was to just run a mile and do W1D2 of the new chest workout. The mile run went well. Its the first full mile I've run w/o incoorporating walk breaks since I started running again and it went pretty well. It was a god warmup. Chest workout was as follows:
Box Pushups (start with one hand on the box/step, do a pushup, switch hands) 3 sets - 16 reps
Bench Press 2 sets - 15 reps at 75#
Incline Dumbbell Press - 2 sets, 1 @ 20 reps, 1 @ 15 reps. Done with 25# weights
Pushups - as many sets as needed to get to 50 pushups.

So, ouch again! But week 1 of the chest workout is done, I plan on doing a new workout routine every 6-8 weeks so this six weeks has gotten off to a great start. Tonight will be just cardio for around an hour and then one of the two days this weekend will be an off day.

My weight loss has went well every day this week until today where I gained some. I think its from the sodium from eating lunch at a Mexican restaurant yesterday. I showed amazing restraint and only had 15 chips with salsa(and thats my favorite part) and then had a chicken salad, but I believe the sodium content was pretty high. Guess I'll know more after tomorrow.

My 10 year class reunion is Saturday so it should be interesting to see everyone again.
If you've been to one or multiple class reunions, how did it go?

Until next ride...


  1. I love chips and salsa! I could just eat those and nothing else!

    I went to my 10 year reunion and it was okay. Everyone pretty much went right back to the peope they hung out with during high school. But I hear that in later reunions people are more inclusive. I will be interested to know how your reunion goes! I hope you have a great time.

    Great job on the workouts! I love the pain of a good workout!

  2. No kidding, chips and salsa are the best (well the cheese dip doesn't ever hurt my feelings either)

    I'll do a class reunion follow up after tomorrow. Have a great weekend!