Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am really not good at this dieting thing right now.
I know that I shouldn't eat certain things, but am not making the decisions not to eat them.
I need to do some soul searching and really get serious about losing weight. I know its tougher this week because of how tired I am from the crazy work weekend, but I need to get back on track anyway. Tara and I are both off to a poor start to our weight loss competition. She's trying to lose 10 pounds and I want to lose 20. I'll post an update on how thats going next week, probably bad, since we'll be out of town to see the Braves play this weekend. If any of you have the motivation ferry locked up please send her my way.

On a different note, the Braves have won three in a row and if we can win a few against the Phils this weekend we should get into the playoffs!

|>|>|>|>|>|>|> (Tomahawk Chop!)

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  1. I completely hear you on the diet thing. But know that we all go through ups and downs. We just have to work to make the downs less often than the ups! You and your wife can do this so don't give up! I am behind you 100%