Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am really not good at this dieting thing right now.
I know that I shouldn't eat certain things, but am not making the decisions not to eat them.
I need to do some soul searching and really get serious about losing weight. I know its tougher this week because of how tired I am from the crazy work weekend, but I need to get back on track anyway. Tara and I are both off to a poor start to our weight loss competition. She's trying to lose 10 pounds and I want to lose 20. I'll post an update on how thats going next week, probably bad, since we'll be out of town to see the Braves play this weekend. If any of you have the motivation ferry locked up please send her my way.

On a different note, the Braves have won three in a row and if we can win a few against the Phils this weekend we should get into the playoffs!

|>|>|>|>|>|>|> (Tomahawk Chop!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It has now come and gone. The busiest weekend for the development staff at the MS Society.
We work almost around the clock and with the help of over 1600 amazing cyclist and over 500 total volunteers we had an awesome Bike MS: Tour to Tanglewood again this year.

And to top it all off the weather was almost perfect the entire weekend. Just a few people got rained on Sunday, but compared to the 70% chance of heavy rain forecasted the entire day it was an awesome weekend.

I'm starting to feel like a person again, the weekend just drains me like nothing else.
It starts on Thursday, with a full day of pick ups and truck loading. Friday we got to Tanglewood around 9 am and worked non stop with the volunteers etc until 5pm when early check in started, then we worked with that until 9. Saturday we report at 4 am and we left the park a little after 8pm, and Sunday is the short day with only working 5am-2pm. If my maths right thats a 37 hours in 3 days, whew!

On Sunday I had a 3 hour nap, then dinner, then an hour nap, then went to bed. Last night after another full day of unloading and returning things I went to bed at 10, and now am starting to feel a bit recovered. Its a good thing b/c I'm working today then will be in class for 3 hours tonight. Tomorrow night is a Triad Tri Team board meeting and Thursday night, is clear for being lazy!

Taking Friday off to chill and get some R&R during the day and leaving for Atlanta when Tara gets off. My parents got us braves tickets for Saturday for her birthday and the game got moved up from 7pm to 4pm so we're just going down Friday night. We've still got our fingers crossed that they can hang on and squeak into the playoffs but its not going to be easy.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and the weather where you are is as beautiful as what I'm looking at out the window right now. Make it a great week.

Until next ride...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I know I haven't posted anything in forever and believe me its not because there isn't anything going on! Its the other, there is a ton going on and if I wasn't done with my checklist for today at work I wouldn't be writing this.

Life is crazy busy but good.

Married life is great.
Photography business is growing!
School is good!

I am not one to wish life away but I am looking forward to Sunday afternoon at 5pm. My works biggest event is this weekend so I'll be working regular hours tomorrow and then 9am-9pm Friday, 4am-9pm Saturday, and 5am-5pm Sunday.

It looks like great weather and all 1600 cyclist should have a great time.

Speaking of time...that's about all of it I've got right now. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and weekend.

Until next ride...