Monday, August 9, 2010

Shut Up & Sweat - d90x, step up 3, the losers and more

I know...I know. I am supposed to still be catching up with the wedding, honeymoon, etc and I promise to do that. But those will be longer posts and I haven't had, okay, made the time to do that. I've got to get the wedding pictures up on Picasa, and write about how wonderful the day was(because it was so perfect it'll take time to walk down that memory lane)

So for now, you get a post about getting back into the groove. I went to my first group exercise class since the honeymoon last Thursday and was sore as hell on Friday. Today I started what we can jokingly call d90x, thats right, Derek's 90 day exercise plan. I did the athletic conditioning class at the Y and then walked 1.6 miles with Tara. Those classes are killer, I can't wait to be going full out like so many of the others in there. There was one other guy in the class tonight but he quit about 30 minutes into the 45 minute class. Its no joke, Takeela works the hell out of you.

We can call todays starting weight X, and I will report what x-pounds we are at until I feel like less of a fatty and want to talk about what I actually weigh. Which should be in 12 pounds. I will say that x-20 the goal for the d90x is about .2 pounds a day.

So D1=X

I feel confident that I will be at a lower weight tomorrow because I ate way to much on Sunday (and friday) like the buttery, salty popcorn at the movies, etc. Couple that with the fact that I had around 1700 calories today and I better see some negative movement in the morning or my scale might get the office space treatment.
I knew I needed to do great with nutrition today because since we're moving wed/thur and everything's packed up it was going to be a Chick fil a night. Tuesday will probably be subway, and not sure about Wednesday yet. Looking forward to cooking again.

A few movie reviews:
  • Step Up 3 is awesome(saw it in 2d, not 3d). If you like dancing, and I'm really starting to this was great. More of the America's next best dance troupe, than dancing with the stars or the first step up movie(which I've seen about 50 times thanks to my beautiful wife), but still this movie is very entertaining. The romance lines are pretty predictable, but the dancing is amazing.
  • The Losers: maybe this would have been better had the A team not come out this year too, but it wasn't. Lets just say that if A team was a 10, then the losers would be hard pressed to get higher than a 6. Entertaining enough, lots of killing, but I didn't love it. Bored with nothing else to watch, it beats the tar out of a preseason NFL game but I was hoping for more.
Until next ride...


  1. Good luck with d90x!

    FYI, Salt is a great movie and I would recommend it!

  2. Thanks Christi, I hope to get to see it soon!