Monday, July 26, 2010

You look like an idiot - a skinny jean fashion rant

I know I said my next post would be wedding related, but I had to throw in something instead.

I stumbled across this really funny site a while back called You Park Like an Asshole.

I should probably title this post, "you look like an asshole" or an idiot, or whatever. Because I think I'll either be updating this post or just posting short little rants about people that look like idiots.

Today's culprits. The skinny jean. On a GUY. Ladies I'm perfectly fine with your jean of choice for your UGG wearing or when ever else. But on a guy.


When did a guy put those things on and think, man thats a good style. My legs are smaller than normal, and I can look freakishly small, like I might need something to eat.

Not only are the idea of the "skinny" jeans stupid, but to wear them while skateboarding. How exactly are you going to do an olie, a melon, hell, even push off and get some speed going(note to reader: I have no experience on a skateboard that doesn't involve sitting down when I was 6 but I really like Tony Hawk).

Speaking of Tony Hawk, I'm pretty sure him and his "boys" aren't out shredding in skinny jeans so you probably shouldn't be either. If I were a skateboarder I'd be even madder b/c you'd be making me look stupid too. So if you are a skateboarder and you see someone in skinny jeans, you could punch them right off the board, but you should probably first tell them how stupid the look so they know why you're about to beat their ass.

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