Saturday, July 24, 2010

3 Mountain Madness - Last Bike Ride for a while

The 3 Mountain Madness is one of my favorite rides because it takes place in my hometown of Pilot Mountain. More specifically it starts in Pilot Mountain. This was the 4th year I've ridden the ride.

There are 3 main route options, 41, 75, & 95 miles. The great thing about the longer distances is that you don't have to ride the 3 mountains if you don't want, since they are just up and back.

I usually ride this one with my dad and last year we rode the 75 mile route and did the first 2 mountains, skipping the 3rd and hardest of the 3.

This year we opted for the shorter 41 mile route. We did this for a variety of reasons. Neither of us had ridden as much this year, dad due to an injury, and myself due to more time training in swimming and running for the triathlon in May.

The 41 mile ride was just enough for us, it was another hot ride, but it always is, when you ride in the first weekend of June and you're doing a ton of hills you aren't going fast so the heat can really beat down on you.

41 Mile Route

The Leg Crushing 75 Mile Route

We enjoyed the ride this year and will be back next year for one of the routes.

This was also my last ride on the bike for over a month and a half. I have never been one who worried about crashing while biking because I'm very cautious. However with the wedding and a 10 day trip to Hawaii coming at the end of June I didn't want to take any unnecessary chances of getting hurt before the wedding. I spent the rest of June doing some really fun group exercise classes at the Y and with that and cardio/weightlifting I was able to drop another 6 pounds before the wedding.

Next blog I'll talk about my decissions about my racing schedule for the rest of the year, then after that the wedding. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Until next ride...


  1. That is an impressive lookin' ride! Good on you!

  2. Thanks Christi, your ride looks pretty awesome!