Friday, May 7, 2010

How to increase your group ride average in 10 miles or less

If you're like me you have a group or maybe a few groups that you enjoy riding with. I ride with a B group here and we usually average ~17. The group rides on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with super original names.

Tuesday is(was) -The Tuesday Night Grandover Ride(we now start at a park thanks to the resort not wanting cyclist liability in their parking lot)

Thursday - Roaming Ride

Saturday - That Other Saturday Ride (since the Saturday Ride was already taken upon its inception)

These rides have the same core group of people that ride them and we pick up and loose people depending on whats going on. Some move to faster rides, some of us have other training going on at times.

I haven't ridden with any of the groups in about 3 weeks due to work and triathlon training. The tri training really paid off because I turned in a solid performance at the White Lake sprint (see previous blog post) but I was ready to get back in the saddle for a group ride last night.

The group split a few times into 2 groups with 5 or 6 guys putting the hammer down and the rest of us cruising along at around a 16-17 average, but we'd regroup every 3 or 4 miles at a stop sign/light/etc and then take off again. At about mile 20 of the ride there was a bolt of lighting that was closer than you want and the thunder started rumbling. Ian put together a great route for us yesterday so the way back in was gently rolling, no hard climbs and when the lightning started crashing it was like everyone had a fresh set of legs.

Personally I'd struggled a little bit n the first 2/3 of the ride, not a lot of time in the saddle plus a killer weight routine that I overdid on Wednesday left we a little sore and sluggish. By the time it started storming thankfully I was loosened up and went from the back of the group to near the front and helped set the pace the rest of the way in. We must've average 19-20 for the last 10 miles with everyone really putting the hammer down and a nice paceline going back into town. I had a 17.5 aveage when we finished, which was up almost a mph faster than what I had at mile 20.

So there's the secret, all you have to do is add flashes of lightening plus loud thunder to really escalate the group ride pace.

We dogged the storm and all made it back safe and dry. Needless to say I skipped the 10 minute run that I was scheduled for after the bike because after being out so close to a storm I didn't want to play roulette with Mother Nature.

I hope everyone has some nice plans for the weekend. I'll be riding with That other Saturday ride Saturday and maybe sneaking in a run early on mothers day before heading home to celebrate the day with my mom.

Until next ride...

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  1. Yep, lightning will push you to up the pace. Add some hail and that will make it even better! :)