Friday, April 30, 2010

T Minus 1 Day!

Its just around the corner. We are at T minus (what does the T stand for) 1 day before the White Lake Sprint Triathlon.

As mentioned numerous times, this will be my first open water swim triathlon and I've been training for it all year. I'm getting really excited. Heck, I am really excited. I've had nervous energy all day. I'm so eager to get started and can't wait to haul myself up the ladder onto the pier at the end of the swim. I know without a doubt that if I can get out of the water that I'll be able to finish. And with all of the swimming I've done since January I am pretty confidant (with the help of my trusty Xterra Vortex 3 wetsuit) that I will be just fine in the water.

Although I ate to much today I will behave tomorrow and get fueled up with proper nutrition for Sundays race. We had our spring intern going away celebration this afternoon and there were some delicious appetizers involved in that.

Tomorrow my parents are meeting me here at 12:30 and we'll hit the road. I am glad that we don't have to leave too early because I don't have everything packed yet. I have had a busy week with school, it was the last week of my classes for my first semester in the Masters program. Although my class was online I did an 11 page paper this week and just finished the final exam a few hours ago. What a way to celebrate the start of summer break, with a Tri! We are staying at a Hotel that's about a 1/2 an hour outside of White Lake. We'll get checked in and lounge around for a bit. I will go ahead and do a practice layout of all my gear for the transition area and then think myself through the 2 transitions.

Packet pick up doesn't start until 6 pm and lasts until 8pm due to the Half Ironman distance race that is Saturday. I want to get there around 6:30, have some time to check everything out and attend the pre race meeting at 7:30.

Once thats all taken care of and I feel comfortable with the site we'll be eating dinner, then back to the hotel to finish inspecting anything that didn't get looked at before.

Sunday: Early alarm 5-5:15. Everyone will have to be up and ready to roll by 6. Arrive 6:30. Check in, get timing chip, body marking, etc. Rack the bike, lay out transition stuff and get in the line for the potties for the 2nd or 3rd time!

I'll get some help with the wetsuit around 7:15-7:30 and do a little swim warm up before waiting for the start. The first wave starts at 8, wave 2 goes off at 8:02 and then at 8:06 I will be in wave 3. Wave 4 doesn't start for 5 more minutes so I think I'll have about 8-9 minutes before there are people trying to swim on top of me. Maybe they will go around b/c I don't really want to get kicked in the face or pushed down in the water but cest la vie. I've had practice with bumping, banging, etc at our Triad Tri Teams open water swim clinic.

One of the blogs I follow Fat Cyclist is doing his first Triathlon and its IronMan St. George this weekend. Good Luck Fatty!

I have 2 goals for this triathlon. #1 and most important to Finish & have fun. #2 is to have fun and race hard. This finish line is 3 years in the making and I can't wait to see it.

.5 Mile Swim
14 mile bike
3.1 mile run
= Triathlete!

Until next ride...


  1. Good Luck! Have a great race and enjoy every minute of it!


    Thus, "T" is Time.

    Just here to help.