Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Share the Road - Tuesday Night Brick

I keep meaning to write up about Easter weekend but that'll just have to come at a later date(hopefully not to late b/c it was a great weekend!)

I had a brick workout tonight, which is one discipline followed right after another.
Tonight was biking, then running.

I rode with my usual Tuesday night group, and we'd only been on the road for about 3 miles when a car that had just passed us hurled a can of soda at us. Luckily it landed well in front of the first rider, but it was pretty damn mean. Think about if it had hit Andy, then several of us would have went down right on top of him.

There are a lot of people who just don't like cyclist on the road, and sometimes I understand. Cyclist shouldn't impede a cars passing, they shouldn't ride 2, 3 and 4 wide, thats not safe. But my group was riding single file, on the right had side of the road not bothering anyone and ignorant people have to do dumb crap like that. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Much later in my ride a car about hit me that was trying to make it through an intersection before the light changed to red. I was only a mile from home at that point, and I was just like, seriously? Getting to their destination is worth potentially really hurting someone? We could all be more careful while we're out there, not just for cyclist but for other motorist, pedestrians and even other drivers. Share the Road Please.

Anyway, the bike ride wasn't my best. I just didn't feel like I had a lot of power in my legs. Not sure if I was just tired, if it was some allergies issues, or not enough fuel, whatever the case, I was with the back half of the group tonight. I can't say it was a totally bad ride because we still average 17mph and thats not to shabby, but it was something that really had to be worked for today.

Right after I got in from the bike, I threw on my running shoes and a different shirt and headed out for a run. I ran 2 miles and it was a different feeling. Getting used to running of the bike(like everything else I'm learning) is going to take some practice. I made the 2 miles and the pace was only about a minute slower than my long run pace so I wasn't to disappointed in that.

I'm really glad that I did both, it was a great workout and one that really kicked my ass. I could have easily not done the brick, just calling it a day after the ride, but I want to feel good in my first Triathlon and its less than 4 weeks away. White Lake Sprint I will be here before I know it!

I'll try to get that weekend post up in the next few days.

Until next ride,


  1. Great job on the brick workout! Running off the bike takes some time to get used to but doing these workouts will help!

    And yes, let's convince everyone to share the road!

  2. Great post! Not sure why people get so mad at cyclists. Everyone is in such a hurry I guess. There is a great organization by David Zabriskie called Yield to Life that tries to educate cyclist and motorists. You should check it out. WWW.yieldtolife.org

  3. Thanks Jeff. I actually did a ride last fall that part of the proceeds benefited Yield to Life. A local cyclist here in Greensboro was struck head on by a SUV (that was on the wrong side of the road) and he was killed. The ride was in his honor. I know that everyone gets in a hurry, myself included but I always try to remember that to really enjoy life sometimes you've just got to slow down.