Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Won!!! Easter Weekend 5K PR & Age Group 1st Place

Easter Weekend:

Friday: Running

Saturday: Eggstravaganza 5K (volunteer & run), Belews Lake Open Water Swim Clinic (first time swimming in a lake and trying out my wetsuit)

Sunday: Easter!

What a great Easter weekend. On Saturday I was volunteering for a local 5K that my tri team puts on and also running in it. I had run a little over 8 miles on Friday and I was planning on trying to go out and run pretty good. I’ve done more run training this year with the half marathons than I ever have before, and my coach has had me doing some speed work lately. (Don’t get me wrong, speed work for me is still very slow to good runners, but its helping me out a lot). My previous PR(personal record) for the 5K was 29:01 set in August of 2008 at Terry’s Challenge duathlon, it was a 5K run followed by a 40K bike ride. I was hoping to run something in the 28’s but wasn’t entirely sure if that would be possible so I just thought I’d go out and roll the dice. My plan was to run hard and see what happened. I didn’t look at my watch once the entire run, I just hit the lap button at the mile markers and kept on running.

The course at Bur Mil finishes uphill so as I was running up the last tenth of a mile when I saw the clock my first thought was, is that right? I pushed it all the way to the finish line and after I checked my watch the clock was right. I finished in 25:59! I couldn’t believe it, I had no idea I could run that fast. My mile splits slowed down but I’m still ecstatic with that time. The splits were roughly, 7:45/8:30/9:15. Wow! I’m pretty sure I’ve never gone out and run any mile under 8 minutes even if I was trying to sprint a mile and although my heart rate was pretty maxed out I felt pretty good. After the turn around and getting back close to mile 2 my hammy’s and quads were getting a bit sore but I felt like I was having a decent race and I wasn’t about to slow down to accommodate them.
I actually won my age group at this race. I’ve never done that at a run before! I was 1st out of 2! The awards at the Egg 5K are all chocolate and it was some good, hard earned chocolate.

Thanks to the Triad Tri Team
for putting on another great race, and it benefited a local MS team (Team Erica).

Later Saturday afternoon, the previously mentioned awesome Triad Tri Team in conjunction with Set Up Events, hosted the first of 2 open water swim clinics. It was at Belews lake and I’m so glad that they do events like this. Since this is my first year in triathlon I’ve never done any open water swimming and although I’ve been swimming 2 times a week in the pool since January I was a bit nervous about getting out in the lake. It didn’t help that it was 62 degrees. But I had a good time at the swim clinic as well. John Dewey from Off n Running talked about open water swimming and then it was time to suit up and get in the water. It really wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined with the wetsuit on. I wasn’t freezing cold, I’m telling you the wetsuit made a huge difference. (A big thanks to Pamela Harper for helping me with wetsuit zipping, and doing photos that day, and to Mark Scheerer for coming and hanging out, it made the 30 minutes pre swim fly by, he needed some OWS practice too!) There were 3 stations at the clinic, starting, buoy navigation, and sighting. They were all helpful and getting to swim the entire 150-200 meter course at the end was great. I started off to fast and need to really focus on getting into a good rhythm at the start of White Lake.

Easter Sunday was very nice, but nowhere near as eventful as last year. I became a very lucky guy last Easter when I proposed to Tara and she said yes. Our wedding is something like 80 days away and with it awaits a 10 day Honeymoon in Hawaii. Can’t wait!

We went to church and to lunch with Tara’s Parents & got to visit my parents for dinner. We had to get back at a fairly early time b/c Tara’s spring break was over and she needed to get ready for school. It is always nice to get to spend time with our parents. We are both very blessed to have such wonderful families. It’s hard to put it into words how great they are.

Flying Pirate Half Marathon is next Sunday the 18th and my first outdoor triathlon is coming up soon, May 2nd at Whitelake!

I believe I’ve written about enough.
Until next ride…


  1. Congratulations on your win! That is absolutely awesome!

  2. Great race! Aren't you glad I took pictures? LOL! Oh and I love the action hero looking picture. Glad your having fun. That is what is all about!

  3. Thanks Guys!

    If I stop having fun, I'm finding a new sport.

    aka, if I stop having fun swimming and running, I'm just going to be back on the bike, lol

  4. Hey Derek,
    You are fast!

    So, once The Nation's Triahtlon sells out, I would like to feature your blog on our blog role. Can you let me know if this is OK?


  5. Hi Michelle,
    That would be cool. I'd be honored to be listed in the blogroll. Let me know if you need any additional information, etc.