Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flying Pirate Half Marathon

Its nearly the weekend and this one's going to be another busy one.
I will be running the inaugural Flying Pirate Half Marathon with my dad on Sunday.
It is pretty much the 1st half of the OBX Marathon course.

I added this race to the schedule this winter for a few reasons. A nice weekend trip to the beach in April sounded great. It was between walks and gosh, I needed something to do, right? And taking part in an inaugural event is something I hadn't done before(not counting Climb MS b/c I created and organized that).

I'm still glad to be going, because it will be a fun race that I don't have any time goals on. I'm just going to enjoy this one. My big goal of the next few weeks is White Lake Sprint Triathlon, its my first out door triathlon and something that I've really wanted to accomplish for over 3 years now. White Lake is also a stepping stone towards my main goal for 2010, the Beach to Battleship Half.

I do think that at this point its safe to say when I sit down and start looking at my 2011 schedule this fall/winter that I won't plan a gauntlet of events to take on, especially 3 that involve at least 3 hours of driving in as many months.

Starting with the third week in March the weekends have been: Half Marathon, Walk MS(work), Easter, Walk MS(work), Half Marathon(this weekend), Walk MS (work), White Lake!!!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love doing these events, the ones I get to participate in and the ones I am the coordinator for. I just think that next year I'll cut back on the "big" events and use a little weekend non travel time for the training I enjoy so much. Being able to get out for a long ride is great, and running is getting better too. The sense of accomplishment from finish a big goal is incredible and I look forward to it every time.

I've already told you my main goal race for 2010, but its not the biggest event or the biggest personal goal, that is my wedding. I'm getting married to the greatest girl I've ever met on June 26th. And apparently planning weddings take time. Its going to be beautiful and I can't wait, but its kept Tara from being able to go to the beach with me, mom and dad this weekend, so I'll miss her but in just over 70 days we'll be married and lounging on a beach in Hawaii!

Tara & I at Easter. Almost 1 year after we got engaged on Easter 2009

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  1. Good luck at your race! I really love the name of the race too. I mean you can't miss a race that has pirate in the name!

    Congrats on your engagement! I have been married 20 years and it is the best thing I have ever done. I am sure you will experience a great long marriage also!