Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flying Pirate Half Marathon Weekend & Report

I've been wanting to write this for a week now, but sometimes life just gets in the way. There's been a lot going on and yesterday my final event of the season took place. Walk MS: Triad was held at 4th of July Park in Kernersville and we had great weather, a fantastic turnout and all in all an amazing event. Its great to see so many people rally behind a cause. I hope that everyone has a cause in their lives that they can do something for. Volunteering, Walking, Cycling, donating to a friend, there's so much that can be done and each and every little thing helps in the quest for a cure, for MS in this case or for the so many other worthy causes out there. Thanks to everyone out there who makes a difference in some way or another.

Onto the race report from last weekend. (Warning: it gets kind of wordy)
To give a little background, my dad and I were running this half marathon a month after our last one, the ING GA Half. We set a PR there and after that thought we might be able to shave another few minutes of the finish time at the Outer Banks.

Shortly after the ING dad's Plantar fasciitiss started acting up and he was having some real pain. We weren't able to complete our last long run before this because of the pain. He met with his doctor and got a cortisone shot and we were both hoping that he'd be okay to run when race day rolled around. Although I'd been able to continue training while he hadn't I really enjoy getting to run/ride the events we choose with him. We have a great time seeing new sights, conversing, suffering, etc.
He told me the week before the race that if it was bad and he had to start walking that he wanted me to go on and run to get the training in and have a chance at a PR. I reluctantly agreed.

My beautiful fiancee wasn't able to go on with us due to other obligations but Mom, Dad and I left Greensboro for the Outer Banks friday right around 5pm. After a quick stop for dinner we were making good time and getting close to our destination. Apparently somewhere on the long, straight and very dark stretches of HWY64 we started making too good on our time and my speed had inched up a little to high. We soon got that problem corrected thanks to the super bright neon blue lights of the young highway patrolman. Amazing how quickly they can give you a ticket with the computer and printer in their cars. After that it was just over a half an hour and we were at the beach! (I've certainly used the cruise control much more since that, I don't speed a lot and I was just to engrossed in a good conversation with mom(we can talk for HOURS) while dad was napping in the back, and got busted)

Saturday was a nice day at the beach, highs were around 70 with a little wind. We went to the race expo, picked up everything including an awesome t-shirt and grabbed lunch at a cool restaurant with an outdoor patio with views of the ocean. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and hanging out. Not too much foot pain for dad and I walked around on the beach some, did a little shopping and really enjoyed a great day.

We parked at the start Sunday morning and grabbed a shuttle to the start. The forecast was for cooler weather and the possible showers from earlier in the week were all but non existent in the forecast today. Low of 50 high of 59, perfect day for a run.

There was a huge contrast in this race and ING. Here there were around 1400 of us, as opposed to the 12000 in Georgia. I really like both so its fun just to appreciate the difference. My goals today were to enjoy the race and just have a good time.

Gun goes off and we're off.
Mile 1 - 10:23 - Heart rate seems higher than it should for most of the first mile. Just need to chill and enjoy things. Maybe strated a bit to fast but we weren't flying.
Mile 2 - 10:25 - Pretty consistent.
Mile 3 - 10:59 - Still wasn't feeling great. Thought this might just be a long day. HR was still a bit on the high side for what I'd like to see. Decided that after 3 miles I'd run the rest of the way with my dad, no matter if that meant walking or not.
Mile 4 - 12:14 - Walked the water stop and until dad had time to use the porta john and run back up to me. He encouraged me to run ahead as his foot wasn't feeling great b/c he didn't want me to sacrifice a PR. I told him today wasn't the day for a PR, I didn't feel my best and I just wanted to have fun and hang out w/ him.

Mile 5 - 11:20 - Yep, we're still running. After checking on how his foot felt, he said, well it hurts to run, but it also hurts when I walk so I might as well keep running. Damn. Toughest Guy (and maybe most stubborn too) I know.
Mile 6 - 11:11 - just plugging along. I failed to mention the amazing few started around mile 4. The bay, the huge houses over looking the bay. There are some FANTASTIC running trails in Kitty Hawk/Kill Devil Hills.
Mile 7 - 12:38 - Walked another water stop. I know that we're coming up on the wright brothers memorial soon.
Mile 8 - 12:08 - Just running and enjoying the race. Over halfway done now!
Mile 9 - 13:24 - There's a first for everything when running I suppose. We stopped and snapped a few pictures in front of the Wright Brothers Memorial. Actually stopped twice b/c the first time I wasn't thinking and we did it into the sun, glad dad remembered that we broke a cardinal rule of photo taking and stopped on the other side as well. A big thanks to the nice runner who stopped to take a picture of both of us.

Mile 10 - 12:07 - Still running
Mile 11 - 12:59 - walked through another water stop and quick pit stop. We are in the woods now. Yeah, in the woods, didn't know they had trails at the beach, but we are there. And will be until the end.
Mile 12 - 12:06 - Hills? At the beach, I guess so, and funny enough since we train on the hills we passed several people who were walking there. Kind of makes me like hills.
Mile 13 - 12:20 - shit thats a big hill, short but big. Got to say hi to my max(or pretty darn close to it HR of 177) and started thinking, not so sure I really like hills, but we're still running.

Mile 13.1 - 1:11. FINISH!

(Things get kind of distorted when taken on a Blackberry Storm while running)

Total Time 2:35:30. So it wasn't our fastest half but it was fun. I snapped several pictures with my phone while running and we took some other too. To see all the photos from the weekend go to:

The sights were great, the weather was gerat and it was another fantastic weekend with mom and dad.

I hope everyone has a great week. Thanks for reading.

Until next ride...


  1. I am impressed by your dad. I have had PF and it is no fun!!! He is tough! Congrats on a fun race sometimes those are the best ones!

  2. Thanks Christi! You're right, sometimes you've just got to have fun. If we were on PR pace I don't guess we'd have any pictures(that were free!)