Thursday, March 11, 2010


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Last week was the last week of my first grad school class. (I am taking 3 credit hours which is half time in grad school this semester, there are 2 classes and each class is a 7 week class worth 1.5 credits each). So there was a very long case study due and the final exam by the end of the week.

Last week was also the last week before my brand new event for the MS Society. Climb MS was Saturday March 6th. Climb MS was a stair climbing run up the 30 floors of the Winston Tower. The idea of hosting a climb started from an email that was forwarded to me about something bike ms related. It was from a guy in Arizona who had a climbing event and I thought how cool that would be to do something like that around here. The rest is history, we started looking for a building, I talked to climb race directors all over the country to get some insight and then I found out our Chicago chapter had tried one and New York was getting ready to.

(I know my number is upside down. Its that way so it won't be an unlucky 13!)

Climb was a HUGE success! We had over 250 climbers register and the event has raised over $15,000 at this point. Everyone that came out seemed to have a really good time and I've heard from several that they want to beat their times and have a bigger team next year!

Needless to say the final week preparation for an event that I'd never run, never even seen one like it run kept me BUSY at work. When I got home from work I would get in a quick workout and then get started working on the SCM 602 final case.

Just to make things a bit more interesting Tara's been driving my car and I've been driving hers due to the Toyota recall(sticky gas pedals, maybe you've heard, lol) but my car got a flat tire last Wednesday. Thankfully it was a teacher workday for her b/c I was working at the MS Greensboro luncheon and couldn't help out. We went over that night to try to get the wheel changed and the wheel was stuck to the axle. A few days with getting rides to/from work just kept things fun and interesting.

It sure felt good to get to Saturday around 3PM. The climb was over and I'd just finished my final exam. Tara and I just got to hang out Saturday night and that was nice.

Sunday my Dad met me at the apartment and we went for a 8 mile run. The weather was so beautiful. It couldn't have been much better for a March day. We kept a good solid pace and I believe that we will run good in the 1/2 Marathon thats just around the corner on March 21. We'll be heading down to Atlanta Friday the 19th after we get off work, hanging out in ATL Saturday and running Sunday before heading back to NC. I'm looking forward to running a BIG race like the ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon.

Anyways, to continue the whirlwind after our run, we grabbed a sub and headed to Raleigh to do the photos for the St. Patty's Day Run Green 8K with nearly 1500 runners.

I can't say this week is as busy as last weeks but it hasn't slowed down any at work(during work hours anyway), at least I'm leaving before 7pm this week.

I had a great day off from working out Monday night and hung out with the guys. A little Mellow Mushroom and some Tiger Woods 2010 will help aid recovery, I promise!

Tomorrow's Friday and I'm really looking forward to the weekend and getting some good workouts in.

Until Next Ride...

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