Monday, March 15, 2010

Ready or Not....& I think I'm ready!

The ING Georgia Half Marathon is only five days away now. So ready or not here it comes. Unlike a few running events in the past I really feel well trained and like I'm ready to go out and have a fun enjoyable race. After the 8 miler dad and I ran a few weeks ago I felt pretty good and I still feel good about the run. I wish Tara was going to be able to go to Atlanta with us but she's got to take the GRE Saturday so wish her luck!

We're leaving Friday afternoon and will spend Saturday in Atlanta, going to the race expo, and doing something fun before turning in early to get ready to run on Sunday! I'll let you know next week how it goes.

In other training news last weekend was great! Amazing weather and some great workouts (along with a few games of live ACC tourney action and lots of basketball on TV and spending time w/ TT what could be better).

Saturday morning I got up early and went for a 6.4 mile run. I was scheduled to run 6 but there was a more logical turn around at 3.2 so I just did that. When I got back home I grabbed a quick bite and had a GU rocktane, then grabbed all my biking stuff and loaded up the bike. I met the ride "The Other Saturday Ride" at the villages at North Elm and we set out for a 39 mile ride. For an early season ride, I really rode great. It was awesome to get back out on the bike and be in the mix with some old training partners. We ended up averaging 16.5 which is pretty darn good, spring or not! I also think I started using some of what I've learned from my coach about good nutrition on the bike. I had a pack of Clif shotblocks during the 1st half of the ride, and a GU during the second half. It really worked b/c I finished the ride feeling GREAT! I haven't finished a ride feeling that strong in a long time. Good lesson learned and I think it'll prove to be worth its weight in gold as this year and future years go by.

Until Next Ride...

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