Monday, March 1, 2010

Its been a year....

For those of you that know me you'll remember back over a year ago I drank more Diet Mountain Dew than anyone you'd probably ever met. I drank it from all size bottles, sometimes from cans, and even from the places I went that had it at the fountain. I would have one first thing in the morning, stop on the way to work and buy a few 20oz's and then later in the afternoon I'd get another one before work was even over. And that was all before 5pm.

After the Disney Marathon when I realized that I had regained way to much weight and needed to get back to being healthy. I knew I wasn't as happy with myself as I should be (not saying that I'm there yet, but I'm working on it) but I started eating healthier and trying to make better decisions. I stuck to the theory that diet soda didn't have any calories, I was used to the caffeine why should I stop drinking soda. I read more about sugar substitutes and can still make you crave other sweet items. (again, not saying its true, but its what they say), so I decided that I didn't need soda. On February 28th of last year I stopped drinking diet mountain dew and I haven't had one since. There were times when I'd want one, mainly standing in line at Wal-Mart next to a cooler full of them, but I didn't buy one.

I started drinking water. I really love water now and drink A LOT of it everyday. There's not much chance I don't get those 8 glasses of water everyday, I probably get more like 12.

Other than giving up soda, the last year was a great year. Tara and I got engaged, my first walk campaign went really good in my new job at the MS Society, a lot of great cycling rides including the 3 mountain madness and the 100 mile ride that Dad and I did in October, my college graduation, and many many more.

Now that you know that its been a year since the diet mountain dew addict has had a drop, and that I think its safe to say that I'm no longer an addict, I suppose my work here is done. Enjoy your enlightened feeling for the rest of the day. Hahaha

Until next ride...


  1. So I totally drink diet mt dew regualarly, along with some other fake sweetened drinks (coke zero, pepsi max). I actually find it fits my need for sweets without making me want more. But I dont really have a sweet tooth. I have a salt tooth. I crave mcdonalds double cheeseburgers. Its been weeks and weeks since ive had any. My mom was very heavily addicted to Diet Pepsi shed have some with breakfast!

  2. I don't crave the Mc D's double cheeseburgers, I'm more along the lines of chips and salsa with other Mexican food and Wendy's Cheeseburgers. Be nice to eat those and lose the weight we want to loose huh?