Monday, March 22, 2010

ING Georgia Half Marathon Race Report

Picture at the Expo. We almost ran the time that was on the clock. Not sure what that clock time represented.

We ran right by our hotel around mile 11(it was only about .75 from the start / finish walking right down luckie street, but we had 2 miles to go). It was great to see Mom and she was able to snap a few pictures.

Had a great run Sunday in the ING Georgia Half Marathon. Dad & I set our Half PR and it was so much fun to be out there. It was a great weekend with mom and dad in Atlanta, the only thing that could’ve been better is if Tara had been able to go. She was taking the GRE.

Due to a very long line at the porta john before the start we were at the very back of the pack with maybe 200 runners behind us when we started so we passed thousands of people today, espically running on the hills, it was great. I finished 6899 out of 10481. We were way towards the back of starting corrals (M) anyway so it was fine that we got in line right around the end of the line, because we got up there around 7:03 and had to walk another quarter to half mile to get across the start line (7:13). I couldn’t get over the number of people we were running past.

I had thought about a few things prior to the run, but wasn’t sure if I should try a pacing strategy. I thought maybe try to start with 2:15 and then drop back. Thought about starting with 2:30 pace group and pulling ahead, but decided to just watch the HR and run whatever felt good. So that’s what we did. Pushed it a little more in the past few miles but even with HR near 170 I didn’t feel like I couldn’t make it at any point. (good thing we decided not to try to start with a pace group thanks to pottie line anyway). Between mile 5 and 6 I thought was a very easy mile. I couldn’t believe that we’d already covered another mile. It felt like we shouldn’t have yet but I was pleased.

Water/Gatorade at almost all the aid stations besides the first one. GU at mile 3, 7 rocktane, 10 w/ caffeine. Good plan. Never felt like I was running low on fuel, just running good.

The first time I thought about PRing on the course was at mile 10 since the night before I kind of knew how much time we’d need to run the last 5K and we got to 10 in under the time I thought we’d need to get to 2:25ish so I was pretty happy then. I wasn’t watching the clock or anything but it feels really good to get a PR. Haven’t really done that in a while! Felt like a rockstar the rest of the day! I think one of the best things about it was that we just ran and had a good time and we weren't worried about a certain pace or anything.

There was light rain for part of the course, temps in the 50’s, it was pleasant. We had about .75 mile walk to our starting corral, so we ended up running 13.1 miles and walking 2-3.

1- 11:03 136avg/149max
2 – 10:39 149/156
3 – 12:00 145/154
4 – 11:27 151/162
5 – 11:11 146/152
6 – 11:21 147/156
7 – 13:46 137/154
8 – 10:20 145/151
9 – 10:26 148/160
10 – 10:31 157/167
11 – 10:06 158/170
12 – 9:55 164/172
13.1 – 10:53 167/173

Total: 2:23:42

Previous PR was our first half in Charlottesville in 08 it was 2:26:51.

The mile where it was almost 14 minutes I walked a few moments to let dad catch up from stopping at the “Happy Can” (isn’t that the best name for a porta john company) With over 12000 people out there I didn’t want to get to separated from him and be on my own, what fun would that be? Anyway, we really did well today, felt great. My knees are a bit sore now, and my left big toe feels like it could pop but other than that I’m good and very very happy with the run.


  1. You should be very happy with your time! Congrats to both you and your dad. I wish my dad ran! I am jealous now..... Good Job, your going to do great at the Triathlon.

  2. Congrats on a PR! And it is so cool that you ran with your dad!