Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week in Review: Walk MS NC ZOO

I believe this post will just be a week in review.

I'll start with the biggest item on the agenda for the week and that was my first walk of the season. I coordinate 3 walks for the MS Society and the first one takes place on the last Saturday in March at the NC Zoo. What a great location for a walk. I love the Zoo! The walk went extremely well. It was very smooth and I am very pleased with how great it went. I have a great committee that helps put on these walks, it wouldn't be nearly as good without them. Thank you to everyone who worked on making this event a success. I took some pictures during walk set up on Friday, I might post some of those in the next few days.

Monday was a nice day off.
Tuesday I was scheduled to get back to it but was still feeling tired so I took Trixie on a nice mile and a half walk and got a lot of things done at home. Laundry from the weekend half marathon trip, etc.
Wednesday - Masters swim class went pretty good but I had some elbow soreness from the pulling activities. The swim coach has some suggestions on how to slightly change my pull and that should help the problem.
Thursday - Great day for workouts. I rode around 28 miles with my coach ( during a late lunch & after work I rode another 20 with a group in Greensboro. It was good to get some solid miles on the bike.
Friday - off (homework)
Saturday - off (work & case study due)
Sunday - This was the rough day for training. I had a scheduled 7 mile run but was lacking the motivation to even get to the gym. I thought that once I got there that things would be easier, because they usually are. Not today. It was a mental struggle to get going and stay going. I ended up running 4 miles at a really slow pace, and then called it a day.

I'm looking forward to getting this week going tomorrow. Here comes a good week of training, work and school.

Until Next Ride...

Monday, March 22, 2010

ING Georgia Half Marathon Race Report

Picture at the Expo. We almost ran the time that was on the clock. Not sure what that clock time represented.

We ran right by our hotel around mile 11(it was only about .75 from the start / finish walking right down luckie street, but we had 2 miles to go). It was great to see Mom and she was able to snap a few pictures.

Had a great run Sunday in the ING Georgia Half Marathon. Dad & I set our Half PR and it was so much fun to be out there. It was a great weekend with mom and dad in Atlanta, the only thing that could’ve been better is if Tara had been able to go. She was taking the GRE.

Due to a very long line at the porta john before the start we were at the very back of the pack with maybe 200 runners behind us when we started so we passed thousands of people today, espically running on the hills, it was great. I finished 6899 out of 10481. We were way towards the back of starting corrals (M) anyway so it was fine that we got in line right around the end of the line, because we got up there around 7:03 and had to walk another quarter to half mile to get across the start line (7:13). I couldn’t get over the number of people we were running past.

I had thought about a few things prior to the run, but wasn’t sure if I should try a pacing strategy. I thought maybe try to start with 2:15 and then drop back. Thought about starting with 2:30 pace group and pulling ahead, but decided to just watch the HR and run whatever felt good. So that’s what we did. Pushed it a little more in the past few miles but even with HR near 170 I didn’t feel like I couldn’t make it at any point. (good thing we decided not to try to start with a pace group thanks to pottie line anyway). Between mile 5 and 6 I thought was a very easy mile. I couldn’t believe that we’d already covered another mile. It felt like we shouldn’t have yet but I was pleased.

Water/Gatorade at almost all the aid stations besides the first one. GU at mile 3, 7 rocktane, 10 w/ caffeine. Good plan. Never felt like I was running low on fuel, just running good.

The first time I thought about PRing on the course was at mile 10 since the night before I kind of knew how much time we’d need to run the last 5K and we got to 10 in under the time I thought we’d need to get to 2:25ish so I was pretty happy then. I wasn’t watching the clock or anything but it feels really good to get a PR. Haven’t really done that in a while! Felt like a rockstar the rest of the day! I think one of the best things about it was that we just ran and had a good time and we weren't worried about a certain pace or anything.

There was light rain for part of the course, temps in the 50’s, it was pleasant. We had about .75 mile walk to our starting corral, so we ended up running 13.1 miles and walking 2-3.

1- 11:03 136avg/149max
2 – 10:39 149/156
3 – 12:00 145/154
4 – 11:27 151/162
5 – 11:11 146/152
6 – 11:21 147/156
7 – 13:46 137/154
8 – 10:20 145/151
9 – 10:26 148/160
10 – 10:31 157/167
11 – 10:06 158/170
12 – 9:55 164/172
13.1 – 10:53 167/173

Total: 2:23:42

Previous PR was our first half in Charlottesville in 08 it was 2:26:51.

The mile where it was almost 14 minutes I walked a few moments to let dad catch up from stopping at the “Happy Can” (isn’t that the best name for a porta john company) With over 12000 people out there I didn’t want to get to separated from him and be on my own, what fun would that be? Anyway, we really did well today, felt great. My knees are a bit sore now, and my left big toe feels like it could pop but other than that I’m good and very very happy with the run.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

100 Days!

If you've looked at my 2010 Calender(on the right side of the page if you haven't) you'll know that I've scheduled myself a pretty busy year of events. The culmination of the events for the year is the Half Ironman at Beach 2 Battleship but thats not the biggest event on the calender for the year.

I'm getting married! The dates June 26th and I can't wait. Our ceremony is going to be at Tara's Church in Mt. Airy and the reception will be at the Rosa Lee Manor in Pilot Mountain. Its going to be beautiful, fun, exciting & more! And now(thanks to a reminder from Tara yesterday) its only 100 days away.

I proposed on Easter of last year and when we set the date it was around 400 days, but time's really flown by, Easter 2010 is in 2 weeks, April 12th the day we got engaged is 3 weeks away and the weddings only 100 days away. Wow. It seems like each year goes by faster and faster but for now it doesn't really matter because soon as the time flies I'll be married to the greatest girl ever.

In Tri Training news, today is an off day from training. With the half marathon 2 days away(this time Sunday morning I'll have already been running for an hour and a half) its time to get some rest and prepare for the race. Its also nice that today is an off day from athletic training because it sure isn't for school. I've got 4 articles to read, 4 blackboard posts to do and a shot(3-4) case study to do before Friday at 6pm when we head to Atlanta.

Tuesday's workout was a quick 50 minute small chain ring, high cadence bike ride and it went well.

The St. Patrick's Day workout was broken into 2 segments. Masters swim at lunch and I swam 2000 yrd in about an hour and 15 minutes(i'm getting more comfortable in the pool but slightly more nervous about open water swimming at May 2nd draws near) and then after work and a committee meeting I ran 4 miles. Suzanne instructed to run easy and keep my heart rate in zone 1 and I was pretty successful with that.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ready or Not....& I think I'm ready!

The ING Georgia Half Marathon is only five days away now. So ready or not here it comes. Unlike a few running events in the past I really feel well trained and like I'm ready to go out and have a fun enjoyable race. After the 8 miler dad and I ran a few weeks ago I felt pretty good and I still feel good about the run. I wish Tara was going to be able to go to Atlanta with us but she's got to take the GRE Saturday so wish her luck!

We're leaving Friday afternoon and will spend Saturday in Atlanta, going to the race expo, and doing something fun before turning in early to get ready to run on Sunday! I'll let you know next week how it goes.

In other training news last weekend was great! Amazing weather and some great workouts (along with a few games of live ACC tourney action and lots of basketball on TV and spending time w/ TT what could be better).

Saturday morning I got up early and went for a 6.4 mile run. I was scheduled to run 6 but there was a more logical turn around at 3.2 so I just did that. When I got back home I grabbed a quick bite and had a GU rocktane, then grabbed all my biking stuff and loaded up the bike. I met the ride "The Other Saturday Ride" at the villages at North Elm and we set out for a 39 mile ride. For an early season ride, I really rode great. It was awesome to get back out on the bike and be in the mix with some old training partners. We ended up averaging 16.5 which is pretty darn good, spring or not! I also think I started using some of what I've learned from my coach about good nutrition on the bike. I had a pack of Clif shotblocks during the 1st half of the ride, and a GU during the second half. It really worked b/c I finished the ride feeling GREAT! I haven't finished a ride feeling that strong in a long time. Good lesson learned and I think it'll prove to be worth its weight in gold as this year and future years go by.

Until Next Ride...

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Last week was the last week of my first grad school class. (I am taking 3 credit hours which is half time in grad school this semester, there are 2 classes and each class is a 7 week class worth 1.5 credits each). So there was a very long case study due and the final exam by the end of the week.

Last week was also the last week before my brand new event for the MS Society. Climb MS was Saturday March 6th. Climb MS was a stair climbing run up the 30 floors of the Winston Tower. The idea of hosting a climb started from an email that was forwarded to me about something bike ms related. It was from a guy in Arizona who had a climbing event and I thought how cool that would be to do something like that around here. The rest is history, we started looking for a building, I talked to climb race directors all over the country to get some insight and then I found out our Chicago chapter had tried one and New York was getting ready to.

(I know my number is upside down. Its that way so it won't be an unlucky 13!)

Climb was a HUGE success! We had over 250 climbers register and the event has raised over $15,000 at this point. Everyone that came out seemed to have a really good time and I've heard from several that they want to beat their times and have a bigger team next year!

Needless to say the final week preparation for an event that I'd never run, never even seen one like it run kept me BUSY at work. When I got home from work I would get in a quick workout and then get started working on the SCM 602 final case.

Just to make things a bit more interesting Tara's been driving my car and I've been driving hers due to the Toyota recall(sticky gas pedals, maybe you've heard, lol) but my car got a flat tire last Wednesday. Thankfully it was a teacher workday for her b/c I was working at the MS Greensboro luncheon and couldn't help out. We went over that night to try to get the wheel changed and the wheel was stuck to the axle. A few days with getting rides to/from work just kept things fun and interesting.

It sure felt good to get to Saturday around 3PM. The climb was over and I'd just finished my final exam. Tara and I just got to hang out Saturday night and that was nice.

Sunday my Dad met me at the apartment and we went for a 8 mile run. The weather was so beautiful. It couldn't have been much better for a March day. We kept a good solid pace and I believe that we will run good in the 1/2 Marathon thats just around the corner on March 21. We'll be heading down to Atlanta Friday the 19th after we get off work, hanging out in ATL Saturday and running Sunday before heading back to NC. I'm looking forward to running a BIG race like the ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon.

Anyways, to continue the whirlwind after our run, we grabbed a sub and headed to Raleigh to do the photos for the St. Patty's Day Run Green 8K with nearly 1500 runners.

I can't say this week is as busy as last weeks but it hasn't slowed down any at work(during work hours anyway), at least I'm leaving before 7pm this week.

I had a great day off from working out Monday night and hung out with the guys. A little Mellow Mushroom and some Tiger Woods 2010 will help aid recovery, I promise!

Tomorrow's Friday and I'm really looking forward to the weekend and getting some good workouts in.

Until Next Ride...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Its been a year....

For those of you that know me you'll remember back over a year ago I drank more Diet Mountain Dew than anyone you'd probably ever met. I drank it from all size bottles, sometimes from cans, and even from the places I went that had it at the fountain. I would have one first thing in the morning, stop on the way to work and buy a few 20oz's and then later in the afternoon I'd get another one before work was even over. And that was all before 5pm.

After the Disney Marathon when I realized that I had regained way to much weight and needed to get back to being healthy. I knew I wasn't as happy with myself as I should be (not saying that I'm there yet, but I'm working on it) but I started eating healthier and trying to make better decisions. I stuck to the theory that diet soda didn't have any calories, I was used to the caffeine why should I stop drinking soda. I read more about sugar substitutes and can still make you crave other sweet items. (again, not saying its true, but its what they say), so I decided that I didn't need soda. On February 28th of last year I stopped drinking diet mountain dew and I haven't had one since. There were times when I'd want one, mainly standing in line at Wal-Mart next to a cooler full of them, but I didn't buy one.

I started drinking water. I really love water now and drink A LOT of it everyday. There's not much chance I don't get those 8 glasses of water everyday, I probably get more like 12.

Other than giving up soda, the last year was a great year. Tara and I got engaged, my first walk campaign went really good in my new job at the MS Society, a lot of great cycling rides including the 3 mountain madness and the 100 mile ride that Dad and I did in October, my college graduation, and many many more.

Now that you know that its been a year since the diet mountain dew addict has had a drop, and that I think its safe to say that I'm no longer an addict, I suppose my work here is done. Enjoy your enlightened feeling for the rest of the day. Hahaha

Until next ride...