Sunday, February 21, 2010


As you may know(and you should if you've been reading!) I started swim clinics 6 weeks ago. I was a true beginner to swimming. Don't get me wrong, I knew how to stay afloat and make it about a length of the pool before I was just about to die. We've had 2 swim clinics a week and thanks to much help from my coach and the other teachers of the clinic's I've slowly started to feel more comfortable in the water. I enjoy seeing progress even it it is slow in coming. I didn't title this blog flipper because I'm swimming like the lovable Dolphin that had his own tv show, instead I couldn't believe what I learned today at our swim clinic. Today after a good warm up and some swimming we worked flip turns. 7 weeks ago I never thought that I'd be ready to even attempt a flip turn. Although I can't say that I can do a flip turn now, I can tell you that I kinda sorta can do one, but I'm willing to keep trying just like I'm going to keep trying to improve on the many other facets of my swim training.

What a great weekend! The weather was phenomenal. Yesterday I was able to get out for a good ride on the bike for only the second time this year. I went out for close to fifty miles. After the ride I got in a nice nap before going home to celebrate my dad's birthday. We also got to visit with Tara's parents. Its nice that we grew up so close together even though we had no idea at the time, because we get to visit both our parents more frequently.

Today I got in a nice 7 mile run outside, and didn't have to wear a bundle of cloths. I actually wore the new Triad Tri Team shirt, its a brooks wicking shirt and it was great. Its the first piece of Brooks apparel I have, I suppose I should have tried some before now with as much as I love their shoes.

Climb MS Power up the Tower ( is coming up two weeks from yesterday. Its on March 6th and registrations are looking great. I've been working on the day of agenda for that tonight and its time to get back to it. All the logistical pieces are falling into place and I'm really looking forward to having the event.


  1. Never been a strong swimmer myself but I know what you mean about enjoying the progress. I just joined a fitness bootcamp and its been kicking my ass. But after the first three or four classes I feel great and really look forward to the challenge...only wish I didn't have to get up at 5 in the morning to do it.

  2. Good god man. 5am? I'm not much of a morning exerciser myself. I much prefer the after work workouts. Kudos to you for getting in the class, but more impressively for making it there at 5am!