Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Derek vs. the Doughnut

Lets just preface this by letting you know that Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts are one of my favorite sweets in the world. It would be a good battle to see if Reese miniatures or the original glazed would win the fight of my favorite mass produced sweet, and I'm sure it'd be a knock down drag out fight.

That being said when I got home from my workout last night I noticed there was a small box of doughnuts on the counter. I suspiciously asked Tara where they came from, hoping that she would say something like those are for the underprivileged children in some far away place, so keep your hands off! Instead all I got was some excuse about how a parent of one of her kids at school had missed the valentines day send your kid to school with bad stuff day and wanted to make it up to them. Darn!

So the battle began.

Round 1: Tuesday night. I should have probably just threw them all away figuring that no body was going to eat any of them, but I didn't, that'd just be wasteful right? Lucky for me Tara cooks on most Tuesday and Wednesday nights when I have my longer workouts and swim practice, so she just about had dinner ready. I'll say that that was a big help, but it still took a lot out of me walking past that box multiple times and not having a doughnut. Bedtime & success! I did it, for now.

Round 2: Wednesday morning. As I walked back past the box of deliciousocity (new word for an itme with taste that is infinitely greater than delicious) and had my normal start to the morning. One piece of toast with low fat p-nut butter and honey. I have that at home when I first get up and then a protein bar at work ( I added a banana today to help with further recovery from this weekend and yesterdays workout). Back around the box on the counter a few more times as I got things ready for the day and...Success again!

Round 3: Wednesday night: As previously stated Tara usually cooks on Wednesday and she had just finished a great dinner (grilled chicken, green beans & salad aka: our usual) when I got home. Again the box tempted me a few times over the evening but I'm happy to report that I had success again!

Now while I firmly believe that a HOT doughnut is awesome, I don't discriminate against a colder one. However after 2 days I can believe the the taste starts to exponentially decline and the calories become much more meaningless than if I'd given in previously. That being said I can safely declare myself the winner in this heavyweight fight of will power versus Krispy Kreme. You can't exactly call this a rematch, but more like a rematch of 20 previous rematchs and Krispy Kreme would be holding a 21-1 record over me but hey, you've got to start somewhere. Rome wasn't built in a day (or by people eating dough fried in lard) so I'm happy with the accomplishment.

I swam farther tonight than I have at any previous time. 2000 yds and I'm really excited about it. I am able to enjoy the swim workouts now, I've still got more than my fair share of things to work on in the water(I won't bother to list them because you probably don't have that much time to read) but things are going really good. I had a rough swim workout a while back and its been all but forgotten, I can laugh at myself when I'm working on something and it isn't going right and when I make it to the end of the pool I feel like reevaluating what I was trying to do and trying again. Oh yeah, I've also decided that if the doughnut had won that I would have probably had a horrible swim workout. I'm sure all the glaze oozing out through the pores would have caused a chemical reaction once it met chlorine and I'd have been slowed down(and thats hard for a slow swimmer) to a wounded dogie paddle.

I'm really glad that I decided to sign up for the swim and triathlon clinics taught by Suzanne Duncan ( they have been so helpful. I have another indoor triathlon on March 14th and my first outdoor, open water tri at Whitelake on May 2nd. I am nervously excited.

Follow the blog to see how the training is going.

Until Next Ride,

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