Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day

It sure is a good thing my coach ( talks about taking days off and rest making us stronger, because all I’ve really done today is rest!

When the weather calls for snow in NC its always hit or miss, but as the weekend got closer and the forecast snow totals kept going up it seemed more like it would happen for real this time. How could they possibly be wrong if they said 8-12 inches? Turns out they weren’t. It started snowing Friday afternoon and didn’t stop until Saturday afternoon. We got over 7 inches on snow in Greensboro NC and I decided that being snowed in today meant, doing school work and hanging out, that’s where the day off came into play.

Today Tara & I took Trixie outside to play in the snow. Its so funny that our little(haha) beagle loves the snow so much because she hates the rain. The snow was so deep that trixie looked more like a rabbit than a dog because she was hopping everywhere outside!

Rest really does recharge the batteries, or at least makes you want more of it because its only about 10pm and I’m starting to feel ready for bed. There really couldn’t have been a better weekend for a huge snowstorm to come through. This is pretty much the last weekend that I had absolutely no plans. It made it really easy to just stay inside and kick back. The only change in my plans for tomorrow is that I’ll be walking down to the apartment fitness center to get in a little bit of running on one of the treadmills down there. There’s a chance that I might try to make it to the Y for some swimming but its not very likely. I’ll probably not really consider going anywhere until Monday.

I do hope that the weather clears up by Tuesday because the first of five events that I’m working on takes place Tuesday night. The Alamance County Dinner of Champions honoring Jack McKeon will be at the Cutting Board in Burlington. While its true that I enjoy planning the climb and the walks more than the work on the dinner I still think its going to be a really fun event because Jacks a real fireball and will be a great speaker to hear.
Until next ride!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

No Bandit Here

Tara and I are spending the weekend in Asheville with her brother and his girlfriend. I knew there was going to be a 10K up here while we were going to be here and I thought that it would make a great run, especially since I don’t know any of the roads up here and needed to run this weekend. When I confirmed that we were going to be coming up about 3 weeks ago I went to the website and was going to register, however they sold out a few weeks prior. The race was capped at 800. I went to the facebook page and posted that if anyone couldn’t run I’d like to take their place. During this time I had considered running the race as a half bandit. A bandit runs a race or event without paying to do so. That was never my intent. I’m a event coordinator myself, and besides it being wrong to jump into anything without paying to do so, I understand how much work goes into the planning and execution of an event and wouldn’t do that either.

Thus the ½ bandit that I considered running as. If I had jumped into the race I would have been carrying with me a check for the registration fee. I wouldn’t have gotten a t-shirt, etc but I would have been able to run on roads with other people, with police support and some of the roads were partially closed. I think that being a ½ bandit wouldn’t have really been that acceptable so I probably wouldn’t have been able to go through with it, but I definitely thought about it.

Shortly after I posted on the run’s facebook page I got a message from the race director about emailing him my information if I wanted to be placed on the waiting list. I emailed him and found out that there were 7 people in front of me on the waiting list but he was fairly confident that I would get in. I found out Wednesday that I was into the race and went ahead and got registered.

The Issac Dickson Elementary School Hot Chocolate 10K was a good run. Billed as the flattest 10K in Asheville it started downhill for about .5 miles and you had to finish back uphill, other than that it was mainly flat and ran alongside the French broad river and in a park next to the river. Beautiful scenery to run to. I didn’t really think about having a goal time, but knew that I’d been running around 10 minute miles pretty consistently, mostly indoors though. After we got started I felt like I was running a good and smart race. My heart rate was staying in a pretty good range and I felt good. I started trying to remember my 10K best and thought it was 1:06 and change. I had an eye on my splits and ran my slowest mile between 4 and 5, so I pushed harder between 5-6 and ran one of the faster miles. When I finished a little over 1:04 I thought I’d done it and set my PR. But I looked back and my PR was 1:04:10 and today I ran an official 1:04:39, but although it was chip timed at the finish it took me 24 seconds to get to the start, so even subtracting that I missed it by a hair. I still really feel like I ran a good race and had a good run so it was a successful day.

The rest of the day was spent riding around Asheville, doing some shopping and just hanging out. We grilled out tonight and had a great dinner, played Scene IT and watched some basketball. Very nice weekend day.

Its back into the pool tomorrow.
Enjoy the Ride!

Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Calendar

I mentioned in a previous post that I really enjoy doing events. Sometimes they are local, and sometimes its fun to get away for a weekend and do something while you're gone too. I really enjoy doing events, and just as importantly I enjoy the training that takes place for the events. The 2010 Training is going really well, I have a good schedule supplied by Suzanne Duncan multisport coaching and am working hard to get the hang of swimming. 3 weeks ago I thought it was a success that I didn't drown in the pool and now I'm starting to enjoy the bi-weekly swim clinics.

This week will introduce a new wrinkle into my schedule. I'll be back in school for the first time in 5 months. I'm going to have to ensure that my schedule is more structured than ever to make sure I'll have time to run, ride, swim and maybe even lift some weights, along with getting ready for a wedding, spending time with Tara, and doing the homework for my class. At least for my first semester of the MBA, I only have electives and although I have two classes, each one is a 1/2 semester. I have one for 7 weeks and then another. As I was reviewing my syllabus for my class, I have a ton of work to do, multiple weekly posts on blackboard, many reading assignments and a 12 page paper (due in 7 weeks!)

Let the fun begin!
Below is the 2010 Calendar:
2010 Events
1/1 Resolution Run
1/10 Indoor Triathlon
1/23 Hot Choclate 10K – using this as a training run for Georgia ½ Marathon

2/6 – Krispy Kreme Challenge – Hill Event Photos (I’m taking photos, not running and eating )
2/13 – Ground Hog Gallop 8K
2/14 – Valentines Day Marathon Massacre (relay) running 4 of 16 laps
2/20 – Pilot Mountain Payback (trail run) – Easy Long Run
2/28 – Climb MS New York City (run up 66 floors of Rockefeller Center)

3/6 – Climb MS: Power up the Tower (working, try to run to) – sign up now!
3/7 – Hill Event Photos Run Green 8K in Raleigh
3/14 – Indoor Triathlon (goal of tri clinic)
3/21 – ING Georgia ½ Marathon (Dad & I running)
3/28 – Walk MS (Work)

4/4 – Easter
4/10 – Walk MS (Work)
4/17 – Flying Pirate ½ Marathon (Me & Dad)
4/24 – Walk MS Triad (Work)

5/2 – Whitelake Sprint Triathlon

5/9 – Mothers Day
5/15 – Bachelor Party
5/22 – Hill Event Photos Mountains of Misery
5/23 – Hill Event Photos Mountains of Misery
5/29 – Wedding Shower (Cana VA)

6/5 – 3 Mountain Madness
6/12 – Bobby’s Wedding
6/26 – My Wedding

7/3 – Still on Honeymoon!
7/10 – Devils Fork Metric Century

8/28 – Hill Events – Tour de Gaps

9/5 – Rock-n-Roll VA Beach ½ Marathon
9/12 – Bike MS 100 Miles Newbern

9/19 – Tara’s Birthday Weekend
9/25 – Bike MS: Tour to Tanglewood (work)
9/26 – Bike MS: Tour to Tanglewood (work)

10/9 – Hill Events – Tour de Pigs
10/16 – Pinehurst Triathlon

11/13 – Beach to Battleship 70.3 – ½ Ironman Triathlon

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Start

Its the Start.

The start of the New Year. The Start of my tri training. It might be the start of many things for many people. What ever you may have started I hope its going great.

I started with Suzanne Duncan's group triathlon training on January 3rd and the first day in the pool kicked my butt! The training includes 2 swim clinics per week for 8 weeks and 1 triathlon meeting per week for 8 weeks. Even though the pool is hard, I'm really enjoying the training so far. I went ahead and completed my first indoor tri on January 10th, to get a baseline and try to improve my time by the end of the group training. I am really happy that I have finished my first triathlon. The indoor tri's work like this: 10 minute pool swim, 20 minute stationary bike, 20 minute treadmill run. So there is no minimum distance in these races, you just do what you can. I ended up swimming 325m, biked 5.88 miles, and ran 1.85 miles. I really just wanted to finish this one since I've never been a swimmer and wanted to see what I could do after the first 2 swim clinics.

At yesterdays swim clinic I swam 1000m and although I was tired at the end I am starting to feel more comfortable in the water and look forward to each new session.

With the improvements I've already seen I trust that with Suzanne's help I feel confident that I will be able to complete the Beach 2 Battleship 1/2 Ironman Triathlon.

The Beach 2 Battleship Tri is my big goal for the year but I have several other goals. I really enjoy doing events and I will be doing several in 2010, along with the training for the triathlons. All of the events that I do, the goal is to just complete them. I'm not a competitive athlete, I enjoy having fun while I do the event. Some of the events I'll be doing is just for fun and I want to finish them with what ever time it takes. Some of the events I want to finish but I'm training to do them and hope to have a little better result at them. For example, I'm running the Pilot Mountain Payback 1/2 Marathon in February. I don't have any goals other than to enjoy the run and finish it. When Dad & I do the Georgia 1/2 Marathon in March I hope that we are able to maintain a pretty steady pace and have as much fun as we had at the Run to Victory 5 mile run in December. I'll try to outline some of the other events I'm looking forward to in an upcoming blog.

Its been a really busy week with all kinds of things going on at work. We are working on getting ready for the Alamance County Dinner of Champions, Climb MS, and all 3 Walks. I had a meeting monday night, tri training tuesday night, swim clinic wednedsay night, and MBA Orientation @ UNCG tonight. Looking forward to my mid day run with Allan tomorrow and spending time with Tara tomorrow night. Also, looking forward to getting out on the bike this weekend and enjoying the weather!

Whatever you've started. What ever you're continuing. Good Luck!

Enjoy the Ride