Saturday, December 19, 2009


Something strange happened last weekend. I ran in 2 separate events, the Ragsdale YMCA Reindeer Romp 5K on Saturday & the Run to Victory 5 miler on Sunday. Both runs were dare I say it…fun. I am by no means a fast runner, probably never will be, but I really enjoyed myself during both events. Enjoying running is something that I hadn’t ever really done until this November when I started running again after having not really run any since January. Saturday I wanted to take it easy for at least the first mile and a half to two miles and see how the last mile felt because I would be running on Sunday as well. Early in the week the forecast had looked bad for Saturday, rain and sleet, however that had changed and it was just cold. Sunny and around 28 degrees when the run started. I followed my game plan for the first 2 miles, ran those in about 21:30, and really enjoying my run & smiling! I picked it up during the downhill that started mile 3, I was feeling good so I just kept up the pace to the end and finished right above 30 minutes. I ran the last mile in 8:30, that’s about as fast as I can run. I had a great run, but had to get home and change to get ready to go to the Mt. Airy football game w/ Tara & her family. Mt. Airy lost in overtime when the other team went for a 2 pt conversion and converted what a gutsy call in overtime.

On Sunday dad came down and we rode to the start of the Run to Victory. We ran the ½ Marathon last year at this race as preparation for the Disney Marathon but we were only doing the 5 mile run this year. And thank goodness for that because it was a cold wet day on Sunday. I looked over at dad around mile 3 or 4 and said, it’s a shame that we are running better this year than we were last year and we had a big race in a month after this event. We ran the first mile in 9:30 and the hills slowed us down during the 2nd mile to a 10:45 mile, we finished in 52:57 or something like that. The rain wasn’t too hard but it was still there, so we both had a laugh as we got close to the end when I said, see I told you it was possible to run and smile. We really had a great time out there Sunday, and at the finish line its always nice to walk into a warm building where there’s chili, cornbread, hot coco and krispy kreme doughnuts waiting for you.

I’ll be starting my triathlon training in January with a program at Spears YMCA. That should get me ready to compete in an indoor triathlon that the triad tri team puts on. I’ll be competing in the Ragsdale indoor tri on 3/14, I’m looking forward to the training and getting the first one under my belt. After that I’ll be training with Suzanne ( ) for the rest of the year to get ready for the big goal for the year, The Beach to Battleship ½ Iron Distance Triathlon.

There was also another reason to smile last week. My graduation! Although I finished everything during the summer and was officially awarded my diploma in August there isn’t a summer commencement ceremony so I opted to take part in the December graduation ceremony. Although I was on the 9 ½ year plan (with a 4 year break to manage restaurants) I’m finally done and couldn’t be happier about it. My parents & Tara’s parents came down for the commencement at the Coliseum and we went out for a late lunch after it was over. I am so lucky to have some many wonderful people in my life. My parents have been by my side since day one and are always there to offer advice, ears, support, whatever I may need. Tara & her family are also wonderful and I couldn't be a luckier guy when it comes to future in laws and my future wife. We had a great time. It was great to get to see everyone and I just had a wonderful day. Too bad Tara had to work but we went out Thursday night.

Until next ride (keep smiling!),

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