Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lululemon T.H.E. Short 11" Review

I remember the day I first ventured into the world of Lululemon athletic wear. Memorial day 2015. After we did "Murph" at my crossfit gym I went with a friend. You see almost everyone at College Hill Crossfit is a devoted wearer of lululemon and I'd held out for well over a year. I tried on the Core Short and was hooked. Within a month I owned 5 pairs of Core shorts and stopped wearing every other kind of shorts I had. Recently I was told the Core short was being phased out for a new version of T.H.E short and I was heartbroken. 

How could they take the best short I've ever worn and simply toss it aside like one does an empty can of Kill Cliff? The hidden cell phone pocket, the amazing comfort, they were just awesome shorts. Unlike many of the short offerings at Lulu the core shorts had an 11" inseam for those of us that like our shorts knee length and not a little to a lot shorter than that. I wore these shorts for everything, going out, being at home, work (I work from home), wods....literally EVERYTHING!

I reluctantly went and tried on the new version of "T.H.E. Short", now made in an 11" inseam version (what the Core short had been).  Much to my surprise I loved these new shorts. The pockets are deeper and slightly more functional, the cell phone pocket may be gone but there is now a small zippered pocket, perfect for your phone or a small wallet and the fact you can zip it in is certainly a plus. The other aspects of the short seem very similar to the core short and I'm very happy with the pair I purchased. I look forward to growing my collection of T.H.E. shorts now. 

Kudos to you Lululemon. Sometimes when things change, it actually is for the better. 

The color shown below is "linen texture white battleship" and it looks amazing in person. (All photos from the Lululemon website)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Getting Old

Apparently I'm getting old. I seem to be more injury prone. But I'm trying to be old and smart. 

I felt a twinge in my back during the early part if a workout today so I stopped. I tried rolling out in hopes of restarting. 

It still feels tight and sore so im gonna listen to my body and do mobility with rest and ice today. See how it feels tomorrow. Maybe a chiro visit. 

I wonder if a better warm up would have helped today or if it was poor receiving position on the hang cleans or if it just happened for no reason. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Optimistically, Nervously Excited!?!

That's about the way I feel about tonight's Friday Night Lights for 16.3. 

Bar Muscle Ups for the first time ever in the Crossfit Open. I've never done one but I will be doing 10 snatches and then giving it a shot. There will be tons of people around the world getting their first BMUs this weekend and I think that's awesome. I hope to join them and cheer for others as well. 

Here's to having fun either way. 

#believe #havefun

Friday, January 15, 2016


There is always a lot to be thankful for. Today I'm thankful for great friends, including the ones like Jess that work a Greensboro Orthopedic. Since dislocating my knee cap a week and a half ago she's given me exercises to do, and taped it twice now. I need to find a good way to show my appreciation for that. 

Back to blogger

The last 3 posts are between 100 days and 200 days old at this point. I'd moved my blog to a Wordpress hosted site and then didn't renew it. Back to the ole trustee blogger platform. Can't go wrong with Google. 

Beer City Beatdown

Heading up to Asheville tomorrow for a 4 person team Crossfit competition. We are doing the Beer City Beatdown. 

I've worked really hard on snatching and over head squatting leading into this and I hope that work pays off with some good attempts in the first wod. I'm looking forward to all the workouts after the weight lifting complex. 

Whatever happens it will be fun. After the WOD series with Luke, I decided lather comps were way more fun. 

Little Victories

It's easy to forget to celebrate the small stuff. Almost everyone does. Inside and outside the box we should try to appreciate te small steps in the right direction. 

Recently I retested my 100 Double Unders for time. A month ago, doing single - double. Single single double and some doubles linked it took 7:27. This week I hit a set of 19 during the test and did it in 4:08. That's huge. I'm finally starting to get these things. 

Had some PRs in a few things lately, push jerk, hang snatch come to mind. 

Today I did a heavy double Front Squat and worked up to my previous 1 rep. The best part is I didn't go to a cross grip. It's not the prettiest front rack but it's getting better. 

Take a minute to appreciate the minor victories.